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This is the list of the objects in The Sims 3: Supernatural.

A few of the objects in Supernatural are reintroduced from The Sims, The Sims 2 and their packs. More information from some objects in Supernatural may be given and may locate below the List section.

Buy Mode:
Plumbing (3 in total) - 1 Sink, 1 Toilet, 1 Tub
Appliances (5 in total) - 2 Large Appliances, 3 Small Appliances
Surfaces (18 in total, 1 overlap with other category) - 3 Dining Tables, 6 End Tables, 4 Coffee Tables, 4 Displays, 1 Miscellaneous Surface
Comfort (31 in total) - 7 Beds, 3 Dining Chairs, 9 Living Chairs, 8 Sofas & Loveseats, 1 Lounge Chair, 3 Miscellaneous Comfort
Electronics (7 in total) - 2 Audio, 5 Miscellaneous Electronics
Entertainment (21 in total) - 15 Hobbies & Skills, 2 Parties, 4 Miscellaneous Entertainment
Lighting (14 in total, 1 overlap with other category) - 7 Table Lamps, 3 Floor Lamps, 3 Wall Lamps, 1 Ceiling Light
Decor (68 in total, 3 overlap with other categories) - 4 Plants, 16 Wall Decorations, 3 Mirrors, 5 Curtains & Binds, 3 Rugs, 8 Sculptures, 29 Miscellaneous Decor
Storage (9 in total) - 1 Bookshelf, 8 Dressers
Kids (12 in total) - 12 Toys
Vehicles (7 in total) - 1 Car, 6 Miscellaneous Vehicles
Debug (21 in total) - 11 Gardening Plants & Seed Spawners, 1 Rock/Gem/Metal Spawner, 1 Insect Spawner, 8 Misc. Objects

Total: 198 Buy mode objects (excluding spawners), 190 Buy mode objects without Debug objects

Build Mode:

Fences: 1

Doors: 5
Windows: 8
Columns: 1
Fireplaces: 5

Trees: 5
Shrubs: 1

Terrain Paints (5 in total)
Grass: 2
Stones & Pavers: 1
Dirt & Sand: 2

Total: 26 Build mode objects (excludes Terrain Paints)

Miscellaneous Category:
Lifetime reward objects: 2 (Philosopher’s Stone and Flying Vacuum broom)

Grand total for all objects (including Debug excluding spawners): 226
Grand total for all objects (excluding Debug): 218
Grand total for all things (including paints and spawners in Debug): 244


  • Sliding bookcase
  • Magical mirror
  • 9 magic wands for Witches
    • They vary from the accuracy of spell-casting and consumption of magic.
    • Other Sims can try using them but it will never work.
    • A wand is automatically given to a witch and can be found in his/her inventory.
  • New vampire altar
  • Grandfather clocks
  • Functional rocking chair
    • Rocks baby Sims to sleep. Sims can also read books and take a nap whilst sitting on one
  • Whack-A-Mole game
  • Beehives
  • Sonophone
  • LLAMA, a "Police Call Box Transporter"
It is a nod to the TARDIS, the time-traveling vessel in the show Doctor Who.
  • Lunar cycle dial
The Moon Dial is a fun object that reflects the current phase of the moon. It will also tell you your horoscope.
  • Magic broom
    • Witches' preferred mode of transportation though other Sims can use it as well
    • There is a broom for child Sims
  • Fairy House
  • Fairy Castle
  • Gem cutter
  • Claw machine game
  • Toy Train Set
  • All new teddy bears
    • Each of them resemble a supernatural from previous expansions and Supernatural itself
  • Insect/elixir shelves/cabinets
  • Alchemy station
  • Jelly bean bush
  • Rocking Horse (for children only)
  • Bonehilda Coffin
  • Broom-riding Arena
  • An enclosed area where Sims can race in the arena with their brooms.
  • They can do some tricks/stunts.
  • It can be found in Buy Mode.
  • It was rumored to be a new lot type.

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