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This is the list of the objects in The Sims 3: Supernatural.

A few of the objects in Supernatural are reintroduced from The Sims, The Sims 2 and their packs. More information from some objects in Supernatural may be given and may locate below the List section.

Buy Mode:
Plumbing (3 in total) - 1 Sink, 1 Toilet, 1 Tub
Appliances (5 in total) - 2 Large Appliances, 3 Small Appliances
Surfaces (18 in total, 1 overlap with other category) - 3 Dining Tables, 6 End Tables, 4 Coffee Tables, 4 Displays, 1 Miscellaneous Surface
Comfort (31 in total) - 7 Beds, 3 Dining Chairs, 9 Living Chairs, 8 Sofas & Loveseats, 1 Lounge Chair, 3 Miscellaneous Comfort
Electronics (7 in total) - 2 Audio, 5 Miscellaneous Electronics
Entertainment (21 in total) - 15 Hobbies & Skills, 2 Parties, 4 Miscellaneous Entertainment
Lighting (14 in total, 1 overlap with other category) - 7 Table Lamps, 3 Floor Lamps, 3 Wall Lamps, 1 Ceiling Light
Decor (68 in total, 3 overlap with other categories) - 4 Plants, 16 Wall Decorations, 3 Mirrors, 5 Curtains & Binds, 3 Rugs, 8 Sculptures, 29 Miscellaneous Decor
Storage (9 in total) - 1 Bookshelf, 8 Dressers
Kids (12 in total) - 12 Toys
Vehicles (7 in total) - 1 Car, 6 Miscellaneous Vehicles
Debug (21 in total) - 11 Gardening Plants & Seed Spawners, 1 Rock/Gem/Metal Spawner, 1 Insect Spawner, 8 Misc. Objects

Total: 198 Buy mode objects (excluding spawners), 190 Buy mode objects without Debug objects

Build Mode:

Fences: 1

Doors: 5
Windows: 8
Columns: 1
Fireplaces: 5

Trees: 5
Shrubs: 1

Terrain Paints (5 in total)
Grass: 2
Stones & Pavers: 1
Dirt & Sand: 2

Total: 26 Build mode objects (excludes Terrain Paints)

Miscellaneous Category:
Lifetime reward objects: 2 (Philosopher’s Stone and Flying Vacuum broom)

Grand total for all objects (including Debug excluding spawners): 226
Grand total for all objects (excluding Debug): 218
Grand total for all things (including paints and spawners in Debug): 244


  • Sliding bookcase
  • Magical mirror
  • 9 magic wands for Witches
    • They vary from the accuracy of spell-casting and consumption of magic.
    • Other Sims can try using them but it will never work.
    • A wand is automatically given to a witch and can be found in his/her inventory.
  • New vampire altar
  • Grandfather clocks
  • Functional rocking chair
    • Rocks baby Sims to sleep. Sims can also read books and take a nap whilst sitting on one
  • Whack-A-Mole game
  • Beehives
  • Sonophone
  • LLAMA, a "Police Call Box Transporter"
It is a nod to the TARDIS, the time-traveling vessel in the show Doctor Who.
  • Lunar cycle dial
The Moon Dial is a fun object that reflects the current phase of the moon. It will also tell you your horoscope.
  • Magic broom
    • Witches' preferred mode of transportation though other Sims can use it as well
    • There is a broom for child Sims
  • Fairy House
  • Fairy Castle
  • Gem cutter
  • Claw machine game
  • Toy Train Set
  • All new teddy bears
    • Each of them resemble a supernatural from previous expansions and Supernatural itself
  • Insect/elixir shelves/cabinets
  • Alchemy station
  • Jelly bean bush
  • Rocking Horse (for children only)
  • Bonehilda Coffin
  • Broom-riding Arena
  • An enclosed area where Sims can race in the arena with their brooms.
  • They can do some tricks/stunts.
  • It can be found in Buy Mode.
  • It was rumored to be a new lot type.
  • 3 Rocking Chairs
  • Spectrum Mood Lamp
  • Aleister’s Alchemy Station
  • 3 Garden Bowls


Rocking ChairEdit

Rocking Chair
Rockingchairs ts3sn
Two types of rocking chairs

A rocking Chair is an interactive chair introduced in Supernatural. It has two different designs which are wooden and modern and both of them can be found in Living Chairs under Comfort in Buy mode. It takes up a 2x1 area of space and must not be blocked by an object in front.

The rocking chair enables a Sim to rock it while sitting. Instead of having the Sit interaction like any other normal chairs, the rocking chair has the interaction Rock, when he sits onto it and rocks slowly. He can read a book or take a Nap and he will still rock slowly.

The Sim can also rock with a baby or toddler. To do so, he/she must carry a baby/toddler. There is an interaction where the Sim will sit and rock with the carrier.

Image Name Cost Description Notes
Relax-o-rocker ts3icon Relax-O-Rocker §350 It's nice that recliners can go back, but aren't you tired of chairs that only go halfway? The Relax-O-Rocker with TruSway technology can go back AND forth! Now that's a chair with a full range of motion! Nothing soothes the soul like a gentle sway in a Relax-O-Rocker. You'll lose hours to the comfort and rhythm. It's like sitting - only better! Environment: 1
Theprofessorrockingchair ts3icon The Professor Rocking Chair §425 For people who like old-timey things that aren't old-timey, here's the Professor Rocking Chair, from Xavier's Furniture Outlet. It offers the comfort of rocking slowly back-and-forth with significantly reduced "old-person-feel." Rock in style with the sleek and handsome Professor Rocking Chair! Environment: 2


Spectrum Mood LampEdit

Spectrum Mood Lamp
Game The Sims 3: Supernatural
Buyable Buy mode
Price §325
Type Mood
Size 1x1 surface
SpectrumMoodLamp ts3icon
The Spectrum Mood Lamp is a special lamp which is introduced in Supernatural. It can be found on Parties under Entertainment and Table Lamps under Lighting, both categories in Buy mode.

Understand, this is not some gimmicky lamp that will try to predict your mood. No no no. This is a magical lamp that causes people's moods to... shift in certain ways. A full spectrum of colors, a full spectrum of possibilities. Let the mood strike you with the Spectrum Mood Lamp.

Not only the lamp lights up in six different colors, it can change the moods of nearby Sims. Each different color gives out each moodlet and out of the six moodlets, one of them is negative, which is the Feeling Blue moodlet.

The lamp can also attract Zombies. This can distract them from eating plants in a lot. A Fairy can shrink into their natural form and play around inside the lamp, but there is a chance they may get electrocuted, get singed, or death by electrocution.

Image Name Description Effect Notes
Feelingbluemoodlet Feeling Blue [Sim's name] feels as blue as the deep blue, empty, meaningless sea.
(From Mood Lamp)
-5 The lamp will sometimes release a puddle of water.
Feelinggreenmoodlet Feeling Green Who says it's not easy being green?
(From Mood Lamp)
+5 If you are not a Supernatural, there is a rare chance of becoming Toadified.
Feelingpinkmoodlet Feeling Pink What's that soft, pink light? And is it just [Sim's name], or did things just get a little more "rrawr" in here?
(From Mood Lamp)
+5 Sims are more likely to autonomously flirt and be romantic with their partner.
Feelingpurplemoodlet Feeling Purple Somewhere between joy and sadness, above healthy but around the corner from queasy, there is a place where one just feels kinda purple. [Sim's name] feels purple.
(From Mood Lamp)
+5 In the presence of the purple light, all of a Sim's negative moodlets will be removed.
Feelingredmoodlet Feeling Red [Sim's name] is feeling red... and it ain't no sunburn!
(From Mood Lamp)
Feelingyellowmoodlet Feeling Yellow It's hard to say exactly why, but right now everything seems to tickle the funny bone. It's time to get silly!
(From Mood Lamp)

Aleister's Alchemy StationEdit

Aleister's Alchemy Station
Game The Sims 3: Supernatural
Buyable Buy mode
Price §850
Type Skill
Size 1x1 surface
Alchemystation ts3icon
An alchemy station is a skill object introduced in Supernatural. The Aleister's Alchemy Stationis the only alchemy station. It can be found on Hobbies & Skills under Entertainment.

Finally, the powers of the universe can be yours for a price that won't have you wishing you could turn lead into gold! Aleister's Alchemy Station is user-friendly, safe-ish, and fully featured. Right out of the box you'll be brewing elixirs that'll make conventional science want to go to take a little lie down somewhere. Let AI put the power in YOUR hands with Aleister's Alchemy Station.

The alchemy station basically helps a Sim gain his Alchemy skill. He can Research Alchemy where he gains the skill and Mix Elixir where he can mix an elixir and make one bottle (or two/three when he is level six or more of the skill) of it. The alchemy station also give the Sim Fun motive of 1. (Fun: 1)



Garden BowlEdit

Garden Bowl
3gardenbowls ts3sn
Three types of garden bowls

A garden bowl is introduced in Supernatural. It can be used both at indoors and outdoors and takes up one square of space. There are three different garden bowls available in Buy Mode and you can find them at Plants under Decor in Buy mode.

The bowl allows a Sim to plant a plant in it. Interactions of planting a plant in a bowl are as same as of planting the plant open space without the bowl.

Image Name Cost Description
Claytgpbowl ts3icon Clay Tiny Garden Planter Bowl §30 Our clay planter bowls put the beauty and durability of clay right in your hands. Fanciful designs around the bowl make these a pleasure to look at even before your tiny garden blooms! And the clay will never break. With Tiny Garden, you can have exactly as much garden as you can handle, and not a bulb more.
Gothictgpbowl ts3icon Gothic Tiny Garden Planter Bowl §55 Bring the joy of gardening into even the gloomiest adobe with the Tiny Garden gothic planter bowl. Like our other bowls, the gothic model allows you to grow any plant you want for any purpose you might have in mind - completely free of judgement! With Tiny Garden, you can have exactly as much garden as you can handle, and not a bulb more.
Brittanytgpbowl ts3icon Brittany's Tiny Garden Planter Bowl §65 Bring a little of the classic outdoor hobby inside with these enchanting planter bowls from Tiny Garden. All the challenges and rewards of hardening are there in a perfectly manageable space. With Tiny Garden, you can have exactly as much garden as you can handle, and not a bulb more.

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