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The Sims FreePlay
The sims freeplay icon
Developer(s) Firemonkeys Studios [1]
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Series The Sims
Version 4.0.1.
Platform(s) iOS, Android,[2] Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10
Genre(s) Life simulation
Mode(s) Single-player
System requirements iOS 4.3, Android 2.0, Windows Phone 8, or BlackBerry 10
The Sims FreePlay Logo
The Sims FreePlay is a free-to-play iOS, Android and Windows Phone game from Iron Monkey. It was released worldwide on December 15, 2011 for iOS[3] and February 15, 2012 for Android.[4] A Windows Phone 8 version was released on September 14, 2013.[5] It is the first Sims game released on the iPad. It differs from the regular Sims game in that it uses regular time. For example, in a normal The Sims PC game, 1 hour of game time is one minute. However in FreePlay, 1 hour really is one hour.


The Sims FreePlay is a version of the beloved life Sim that combines the features you love with a brand new experience for your iOS/Android/Blackberry 10/Windows Phone 8/Kindle device that you can play for free! Build and personalize your own town and control up to 32 Sims by choosing their jobs, pets, cars and more in the deepest Sims experience for mobile devices yet. 

Complete actions to level up and earn Simoleons and Lifestyle Points for access to new items, decorations, and buildings. Your Sims live in a persistent world so take them with you and check in anytime to see what they’re doing. Continual game updates and social features like visiting your friend's towns and comparing them with the leaderboard means you’ll have a great new experience every time![6][7]


On November 23, 2011, IGN was first to report  that the game is being released for iOS. The game was early released in Singapore App Store on December 1, 2011, weeks before the official iOS release. The same day, official Facebook page for the game was created. Previews, sneak peeks and polls posted on the page lead to the launch trailer and the game was available worldwide in the App Store on December 15, 2011. Much anticipated game was released for Android players two months later. Soon after the Pre-Teen update, the game team revealed that the game is coming to Kindle Fire.

In December 2012, EA released the highlights from the first year , since the official launch of the game a year ago. An interview with producer was also released that time in honor of its first anniversary.

Changing time and dateEdit

Changing time and date settings may skip time-based actions. The "Time cheat" is very popular among players, however there are side effects players may experience:[8]

  • Buildings taking longer to complete
  • Sims and babies taking longer to arrive
  • Sims no longer attempting to go to work
  • No more daily rewards
  • Party Boat gifts and Competition Center competitions taking longer to arrive
  • No longer being able to access timed events and limited edition awards

Having incorrect time and date may also prevent players from having access to online features:

  • Cloud
  • Online store
  • Party boat, leaderboard, and gifts.
  • Collecting other things


  • Valentine's Day
  • Marriage and Babies
  • Easter 
  • Toddler
  • Social
  • Salon
  • Pre-Teen
  • Supernatural
  • Holiday
  • Pool
  • Livin' Large
  • Moving Up
  • Climate Control
  • Neighbors
  • Mystery Island
  • Teenagers
  • Christmas
  • All Grown Up
  • Life Dreams
  • Saddle Up
  • Carnival
  • Let's Eat!

Added FeaturesEdit

This section shows features added in each update.

If a line has a * on it, it means that feature is only available in that update.

Valentine's DayEdit

  • New Valentine's Day items (such as Love Tub and Love Bed)
  • New Scientist career at Science Lab (see Science)

Marriage and BabiesEdit


  • New pet (rabbit)
  • New wallpaper*
  • New objects and clothing*
  • New Makeup*
  • New Furniture*
  • New Quest (optional) iPad only, start in 2014*


  • Toddlers and new objects (such as Tea Set and Dollhouse)


  • New social objects
  • New places (such as Nightclub, and Party Boat)
  • New pets (cats and dogs) and new pets stuff
  • Neighbours
  • Leaderboard
  • Take a photo in-game and post it to Twitter and Facebook


  • The salon (pre-built in town map)
  • Katy-Perry themed style pack (buyable from the online store)
  • New pre-themed homes


  • Grow your Toddlers into Pre-teens
  • School and Sports Center
  • Teacher career
  • Game Center support for iOS


  • Haunted House*
  • New Ghost Hunter hobby
  • Halloween-themed objects
  • New places (such as Costume Shop, new stadium and Competition Center)
  • More achievements added to the Game Center


  • New hobbies (Fishing and Fashion Designing)
  • New objects and clothes
  • 12 Days Of Christmas quest*
  • iPhone 5 support


  • Swimming center
  • Reach level 12 to build your own pool
  • Swimsuit and Dolphin bundles available for purchase from the Online Store
  • New outdoor furniture and plants
  • New name for Costume Shop to cater to swimsuits (Now the Fashion and Fancy Dress Shop)
  • New diving hobby
  • Sims maximum increased from 21 to 23 Sims
  • Sim-Eating Plants put up less resistance
  • Fires burn out faster

Livin' LargeEdit

  • Beachside lots that are twice as big as standard ones
  • Seven more Sims (31 total)
  • Town Map expanding: Movie Studio and Real Estate Agency
  • New houses: Neo Tokyo theme, Beachside Escape and Dream Home Contest Winner
  • New Designer Countertops for kitchen
  • New careers: Actor and a real estate agent
  • Automatic vomit and pee cleaner
  • Level up faster from level 30 upwards all the way up to level 52

Moving UpEdit

  • Add second and third floor to houses and buildings
  • Fire poles, elevators and escalators
  • New woodworking hobby
  • New Home Store items: lounges, dining tables, bathroom sinks, windows and doors
  • Limited time Construction-O Coins (CC)*
  • Adidas male and female pack in the Online Store

Climate ControlEdit

  • Weather Machine
  • Snow Park on Town Map
  • New Ice Skating hobby
  • New Home Store items: weather machine, lights, fans, heaters
  • New warm clothes for Sims: beanies, winter coats, ear muffs
  • Ice Hockey Set (Limited edition)
  • SimTracker displayed when you start the game.


  • The start-up screen now also shows Firemonkeys logo (used to be only EA logo)
  • Redesigned Party Boat
  • Visit neighbors' town, houses and buildings
  • Complete Social goals to earn Social Points
  • New Scandinavian House (worth 450 SP)
  • All-new furniture and items, new released each week
  • NBR section of the Home Store no longer available
  • Social items no longer require neighbors, can be paid with SP
  • ‘Another Simtown’ on Party Boat for players without neighbors
  • Status bar displays Social Points instead of NBR
  • New globe button at the bottom of the screen redirects you to the Party Boat
  • Cloud saves now also support Game Center (iOS only) if you do not have a Facebook account
  • Your save data will now be uploaded to the Cloud automatically every time you access the Party Boat
  • Transfer your Cloud save data between Android, iOS and Amazon devices
  • Two goals are always displayed on the screen (regular and social)
  • Sim's needs and goals are smaller size
  • Changed Account Manager helps keep all of your accounts logged in

Mystery IslandEdit

  • Complete new goals to repair the bridge leading to the mystical new island
  • Build on premium island house lots
  • Simoleons Sprout and Lifestyle Points Lotus
  • Houseboats — Economy and Premium
  • Firemonkeys logo is no longer shown at the start of the game
  • Town button on the bottom now has two options: Sim Town and Mysterious Island
  • New Home Store items
  • When taking a screenshot, the lines above Sims' heads are gone
  • Limited-time Treasure Chest*
  • Collect resources to upgrade island monuments (maximum to Level 70)
Ancient Monuments
  • The Riches Of Terra - Gives your Sims a chance to gain bonus Simoleons after doing Simoleons generating actions, such as gardening, baking, and working!
  • The Tempest Of Bliss - Decreases a rate at which your Sims' motives drain
  • The Flames Of Wisdom - Gives your Sims a change to gain bonus XP after doing XP generating actions, such as using objects, gardening, baking, and working!
  • The Springs Of Fortune - Increases chance of getting XP and Simoleons bonuses from 'The Riches Of Terra' and 'Flames Of Wisdom'
  • Island Volcano - Upgrade all four Monuments to Level 25 to watch the Volcano burst into life, exposing untold riches!


  • Alien Osiris is back with new goals
  • Age your Preteens into Teens by completing the "Coming of Age" quest at Level 23 and higher
  • “Higher Education” quest at Level 24 and higher unlocks Sim Town High in the Town Map
  • Teens can become a Teen Idol by completing "Road to Fame" quest
  • Build a Sim Town Sign to unlock Teen Idol Mansion
  • Complete “Great Ghost Escape” quest at Level 10 by November 1 to unlock new Halloween costumes and items
  • Use a telephone to adopt Toddlers, Preteens or Teens (costs real money)
  • New Home Store items for Teens
  • Earn Keys and win prizes at Mystery Box Shop with weekly quests
  • School for Preteens is redesigned
  • Relationships between siblings


  • Thanksgiving quest
  • Christmas presents delivered by the mailbox featuring limited time items*
  • New Christmas items*
  • The Missing Xmas Elves quest (reward: pet reindeer)
  • Limited time location: Santa's workshop
  • New Year's Eve Quest (unlocking fireworks)

All Grown UpEdit

  • "Adulthood" and "Seniors" quests indefinitely
  • Sims can grow from Babies to Seniors
  • New Home Store items
  • New Mystery Island building: Bingo Hall
  • Premium Residence is renamed to Ocean View Residence
  • Three new houses: Renovator's Dream, Two Story/Three Story Unfurnished House
  • Two new houseboats: The Tiny Tightpocket and The Pint-prized Prince
  • Economy houseboat is renamed to The Cavernous Cruiser, Premium is now The Royal Wavecutter
  • All items show how much stars they are worth
  • SimTracker shows each Sim's life stage
  • In the park pier, there's now a stereo
  • New Task Available now shows at the left bottom of the screen instead of current goals
  • Add one more Sim (32 total)

Life DreamsEdit

  • Life Dreams & Legacies quest featuring Osiris
  • Sims age naturally as you play with them
  • Fulfill Sims' Life Dreams and earn Life Orbs
  • Personalities return (Sporty and Geek)
  • Age Controller
  • At the final stage, Seniors face death
  • Sim Tracker displays a circle around Sims showing how much of the phase in their life is completed
  • New island locations: Beach and Arcade 
  • New hobbies: Snorkeling, Seashell Collecting, Arcade Gaming, Pinball Playing
  • Redesigned residence previews

Saddle UpEdit

  • Need For Steed quest
  • Hidden Unicorn quest
  • Stables at the Island
  • Unlock and care for horses
  • New hobbies: Show Jumping, Show Tricks, Vaulting and Surfing
  • New Swimming Area at the beach
  • Maximum level increased to Level 55


  • New Island location: Carnival
  • New hobby: Juggling
  • New personality: Entertainer
  • Redesigned Hobbies selection by age

Let's EatEdit

  • Bread Winner and Sous Judgemental quests
  • New Sim Town location: Restaurant
  • New hobby: Cooking
  • By tapping on an oven, you can choose between Cooking and Baking
  • New Cooking ingredients
  • Ulimate Makeover (by tapping on a Sim) completely re-vamps and existing Sim
  • A gift icon is now shown next to the weekly tasks
  • A task won't disappear from the screen until you Tap to Continue

Pet Update (Sept 2014) Edit

  • New pet park on Mystery Island (the completion of the Life Dreams and Legacies quest is required before you can build the park
  • Names under items in the Home Store
  • New features for your pets!


One Day Without Shoes (April 2012)

On April 10, look out for an in-game message asking you to take off your shoes. Show your support by going barefoot and your Sims will be rewarded with some tiny, virtual TOMS Shoes of their very own for free!

Student Of The Year Competition (October 2012)

The Student of the Year Competition has started. The first student to achieve an A grade before October 16 will win a free Arcade Dance Machine!

Dream Home Contest (November 2012)

Send us a screenshot of your Sims dream home by 21 Nov for a chance to get it featured IN-GAME!

Winning house featured in Livin' Large update. "Player Designed House" costs 39 Lifestyle Points. Winner

12 Days Of Christmas (December 2012)

Fix Santa's sleigh before Christmas and be rewarded with Christmas items along the way.

The Fishing Tournament (January 2013)

Collect all six fishes to win an inspiring reward — Singing Salmon!

Fashion Designer Awards (January 2013)

Collect all six designs for a fabulous gardening outfit, that gets you 25% more Simoleons and XP every time your Sims wear it while gardening.

The Sim Town Diving Challenge (February 2013)

Tired of cleaning your pool? Collect all 6 medals in our Diving Event to win an automatic pool cleaner!

Construct-O-Coins (April - May 2013)

Earn Construct-O-Coins via Woodworking and Town Map Revenue Collection

Limited-time items in the Home Store will no longer be available when the timer expires, so get them before they're gone!

Alien Encounter Challenge (May 2013)

Help Osiris the alien complete limited-time goals to unlock a futuristic teleporter!

Weather Machine (June 2013)

Complete your limited-time goals to unlock a Weather Machine!

Design A Dream Backyard (September 2013)

Is your garden worth showing off? Now is your chance to win a Limited Edition The Sims FreePlay 32GB iPod Touch just by submitting a screenshot of your outdoor area by September 29 in the Design a Dream Backyard competition!

Official Rules / Winner

The Great Ghost Escape (October 2013)

Catch all ghosts before the clock strikes midnight on November 1 to unlock spooky new costumes and items!

The Missing Xmas Elves (December 2013)

Help Santa! He is in Sim Town in search of his Elves. Head to the North Pole to find clues and earn rewards along the way.

In Da Clubhouse (July 2014)

New In Da Clubhouse Quest unlocked! Enter into a world of imagination to uncover the new Toddler Playhouse Hobby – Get started today.

The Sims Official MagazineEdit

The game has been featured in all six issues of The Sims Official Magazine so far, a free magazine about The Sims in general that players can read online or as a universal app for iOS and Android.

Game Center AchievementsEdit

Achievement Name How to get
Lucky Dog Have a dog find a lifestyle point.
10 Goals Down Complete 10 goals.
Onward and Upward! Have a town valued at 15,000 simoleons.
First Date Have one of your Sims start dating.
Penny Pincher Save 10,000 simoleons.
Hello, Newman Have a Sim become nemeses with another Sim.
The Diet Ends Here Bake 5 chocolate puddings
Popcorn, Anyone? Watch 8 movies.
Barking Mad Purchase 3 dogs.
We Need More Taxes! Oh wait... Build the Town Hall.
One Mean Sim Have a Sim become enemies with 8 other Sims.
Wedding Bells Have two Sims get married.
Baby Boomers Have 3 babies.
I Love You Guys! Have a Sim with 10 best friends.
Lucky Cats Have cats find 7 lifestyle points.
Sweet Tooth Use 8 cupcakes.
Deep Pockets Save 50,000 simoleons.
Goal-O-Rama Complete 50 goals.
Stinky Diapers! Have Sims change 12 baby diapers.
Sims by the Dozen Add a 12th Sim to town.
100 Miles Have your Sims travel a distance of 100 miles in their cars.
Going the Distance Reach level 22.
Moneygrubber! Save 100,000 Simoleons.
Where's My Girdle? Bake 35 Apple Pies.
Life of Excess Purchase the Pro Skater's Dream Pad.
KA-BOOM! Get 5 Sims promoted to Mad Scientist at the Lab.
Going for Speed Reach level 34.
Dr. Evil! Have a town valued at 1,000,000 simoleons.
Goal Crazy! Complete 100 goals.
MUAH HAHAHA! Save 1,000,000 simoleons.
Goal Mayhem! Complete 250 goals.
Top of the Class! Have 3 preteen Sims with a grade average of A+++.
Cats and Dogs Unite! Have your cats and dogs find 20 lifestyle points.
YOU Caused the GFC Save 10,000,000 Simoleons.
Sim Town 90210 Have your town valued at 12,000,000 simoleons.
Nemesis of the State Have 1 Sim be nemeses with 16 Sims.
Proclaimer! Have your Sims travel a distance of 500 miles in their cars.
500 GOALS! Complete 500 goals.
City of Gold Have a town worth 30,000,000 simoleons.
1000 GOALS! Complete 1000 goals.
Wax On... Have a Sim with a Blue Belt in Karate.
Wax Off... Have a Sim with a Black Belt in Karate.
Sim For A Spin! Have a Sim an Intermediate Ballet Dancer.
Pro Dancer Have a pre-teen Sim a Professional Ballet Dancer.
G...G...Ghost! Catch 4 Ghosts.
Ghost Hunter Catch all 12 Ghost types.
Safety First! Put out an oven fire with a fire extinguisher.
You're On Fire! Put out 23 oven fires with fire extinguishers.
Sim Negotiator Have your Sims negotiate with 3 Man-Eating Plants.
Bad Herbs! Use Herbicide to destroy 25 Man-Eating Plants.

FreePlayers' Choice ProgramEdit

FreePlayers' Choice Program is a way for players to vote for their favorite items they would like to get discounted. Each offer lasts for a limited time. The voting is enabled on the game's official Facebook page.

1. 50% OFF on Engagement Rings

2. 80% OFF on Dress-Up Chest

3. 50% OFF on Swimwear



  • The Sims FreePlay is the third game in The Sims series to require an Internet connection (the first is The Sims Online and the second being The Sims Social).[9]
  • FreePlay's Time feature originated from the DS version of The Sims 2.
  • FreePlay is the first game not to use the name Child in the life stage. Instead, they are called Pre-Teens. This would make Child the first life stage in The Sims series to have its name changed.
  • FreePlay is the first The Sims game to support the iPad's fullscreen.
  • FreePlay is the first game to have more than 8 Sims being able to be controlled at the same time without having to change a household, although pets cannot be controlled.
  • FreePlay is the first game that has a changing icon. 
  • There are no NPCs in Freeplay, meaning the players have control over every Sim in the town. All Sims in the town are added by the players.
  • All workplaces and the school are rabbit holes.
  • Story progression is limited; aging must be done manually via a birthday cake using Life Points.

See alsoEdit


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  8. Read more about changing time and date on official forum.

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