The Sims Olympus was going to be an online version, similar to The Sims Online, of what is now known as The Sims 4 planned after The Sims 3's success. Development was started in 2008, but it was canceled and The Sims 4 was released instead. The reason for the cancellation could be the critical reception from SimCity in 2013. The aesthetics and many objects from Olympus were reused in The Sims 4 base game, and a Tudor-styled world that can be seen in some screenshots shows resemblance to The Sims 4: Get Together's world Windenburg.

Olympus's signature feature was that Sims of other players could be identified by a blue Plumbob over their heads. In addition to that, the player would only be able to control one Sim at a time instead of an entire family unlike previous games.

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These images have all been leaked on the internet by various developers that worked on Olympus.

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Multiple screenshots of Olympus' neighborhoods can be found in the game files of The Sims 4. Some of the screenshots show a Tudor-styled world similar to The Sims 4: Get Together's Windenburg.