The Sims Pool is a mobile game in The Sims series. Unlike other games in the series, The Sims Pool is a sports game rather than a life simulation game.


Rack 'em - with The Sims Pool! Create and customize your Sim, and hit the pool hall for exciting 8 or 9-ball action in this great Sims game. Sims Pool recreates great pool fun, and adds Sims style - warm characters, colorful social scenes, and success-based popularity. Simple controls let you make shots, fulfill your Sim's aspirations and unlock cool gear. True physics deliver the look and feel of real pool - execute bank shots and combos. Perfect your game in practice mode, win trophies and track stats. Play Sims Pool mobile!

Run the table - on your iPod! Create and customize a Sim, select a game mode and enter the pool hall for exciting action. Play 9-ball, 8-ball or fun trick-shot mode. Realize your Sim's goals by playing all the right angles and sinking smooth shots. With one-thumb ease, use the Click Wheel to set cue ball position, select cue angle, add spin, adjust power and then shoot. The Sims™ Pool comes alive with vibrant graphics, realistic pool physics, multiple game modes and immersive sound effects.

Features Edit

  • Realize your Sim's aspiration by playing pool
  • Enjoy several game Modes: Play Pool, Pass'n Play, Challenges
  • Make bank shots and combos with true pool physics
  • Create and customize your Sim and start playing easily
  • Experience the fun of pool in immersive 2D and 3D environments
  • Unlock the coolest gear by fulfilling your Sim's aspiration
  • Receive awards and trophies that showcase your pool prowess

Features (iPod) Edit

  • Exciting, realistic pool game features The Sims adored around the world.
  • Multiple play modes include 8-ball, 9-ball, and fun trick-shot mode.
  • Intuitive click-wheel controls let you select cue and ball postition, make shots.
  • Create and customize your Sim, select a game mode, and play pool.
  • Enjoy vibrant graphics, realistic pool physics and accurate sound effects.

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