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A unicorn

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The unicorn is a mystical horse-like creature introduced in The Sims 3: Pets.

Wild unicorns are present in the world between 8:00pm (20:00) and 5:00 the next morning, though there is only a 33% chance that a wild unicorn will appear on any given night. Unicorns generally resemble horses, though with some notable differences, including different tails and facial hair (on male unicorns). Unicorns give off a glittering light or trail of light when they appear, disappear, or gallop, and emit rainbows from their horns while standing still, eating or drinking.

Unicorns seem to have a close relationship with plants and with nature, and will often autonomously bless plants or cause small plants to grow. Despite this, unicorns, like horses, will often choose to eat garden plants and so must be kept separated from them.

Sims, child or older, can try to tame a wild unicorn so it can join their household. The Sim will need to be best friends with it first, and also be 'best friends forever' with 3 household animals. Once tamed, Sims will be able to utilize the unicorn's unique magical abilities, including teleportation, fire extinguishing, and the blessing or cursing of flora and fauna.

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While he was a member for less than a year, ThePeculiarMe has been hard at work developing articles on items in The Sims 3, and is a dedicated recent changes patroller and vandalism fighter. He is competent and works hard at producing quality articles for everyone to enjoy. He is also very friendly and cooperative with other editors. Congratulations, ThePeculiarMe! Keep up the good work!

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Sunset Valley city hall view

A view of city hall from central park in The Sims 3

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"If the point of playing The Sims 2 was to kill off all of your Sims, then you would be the world champion! But, unfortunately, the way things stand now, The Sims 2 is still a LIFE simulator."
Grim Reaper dialogue box in The Sims 2 when all the Sims in a household die.
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