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The Sims Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to The Sims series, that anyone can edit! Our wiki was created in February 2005, and currently has 10,517 articles.

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Toddler hugging

Two toddlers hugging, in The Sims 2

Toddler is a life stage present in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3; in those games, it is the second life stage for Sims (following infancy), and the youngest life stage that can be chosen in Create a Sim. Toddlers grow up into children.

Toddlers gain a measure of independence from infancy, but still require active parenting. Toddlers, like babies, can be held and carried by Sims, teenaged or older, and need to be carried up and down stairs. Toddlers are unable to use certain objects accessible to older Sims, and are generally only able to take care of their most basic needs. During this stage, acquiring toddler skills is an important focus. Toddlers are able to learn how to speak, how to walk, and to be potty trained. Passing these milestones give toddlers additional self-sufficiency, and may affect whether the toddler grows up well. Toddlers are also able to develop other skills for the first time through the use of toys and games.

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Generations scary story

A Sim telling a scary story in The Sims 3: Generations

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