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Retiring the Battles
We are currently not accepting new nominations for the battles; however, you may continue to vote on the remaining nominations, and they will be processed every two weeks. The battles will be retired once the last nomination is featured. See Forum:Retiring the battles for the discussion thread. Thank you for your support!
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Hi, and welcome to The Sims Wiki Battles! Every two weeks, there is a head-to-head battle between two things from The Sims series: things like objects, gameplay elements, Sims, anything! Your votes decide which one wins and which one loses. So, get voting! Remember, you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Rules Edit

Basically, this is a popularity contest. You may vote for your favorite or which thing you think would win in a fight. If you fail to abide by these rules, punishment could range from getting your votes removed or being banned from participating in future battles.

  • You may only vote once per battle.
  • To vote, type "#~~~~", between # and ~~~~, you may write any thoughts you have on the battle. You are required to leave this whether you are logged in or anonymous.
  • Add your votes to the bottom of the list. If your vote contains any inappropriate, irritating, or lengthy comments, it may be removed.
  • If you would like to comment on the battle, please post in the "Comments" section. Comments must be related to the current battle.
Wikia's new VisualEditor has been causing issues with the battles page. We strongly recommend that you use Wikia's older, classic rich-text editor to leave your vote and/or comment. You can do this by clicking on the drop-down menu next to the Edit button and selecting "Classic Editor", or by going to your preferences page and changing your preferred editor to "Wikia's classic rich-text editor".

Battle 164: Playful vs. FlirtyEdit

Emotion - Playful
The Sims 2 Plumbob
Emotion - Flirty
The optimal emotion for comedy or romance -- which do you prefer?

End Date:

Votes for PlayfulEdit

  1. k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 14:49, February 11, 2017 (UTC)
  2. Tough call, but this is the one that best fits me as a person for sure. ― C.Syde (talk | contribs) 19:25, February 11, 2017 (UTC)

Votes for FlirtyEdit


Last Battle's WinnerEdit



You can look at past battles at the Archives for The Sims Wiki Battles. These battles are closed, so there's no point in voting on them.

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