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The Sims Wiki's Discord channel is currently open only to registered editors on The Sims Wiki with positive contributions to the wiki and at least a one-week editing history. Unregistered and brand-new users may not join at this time.

The Sims Wiki has created a Discord chat server, open to all members in good standing on The Sims Wiki. Like Chat and IRC, Discord allows people to communicate in real-time. Once a user account is set up, using Discord and joining the server is relatively easy.

What is Discord?

Discord is a multi-platform online text and voice chat service. Discord allows users across the world to text chat in real-time, similar to on-wiki Chat and IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Unlike Wiki Chat or IRC, Discord also allows users to transmit audio in real-time. Voice chat is especially popular with gamers, and Discord is designed to run alongside games and has an in-game overlay interface (similar to Steam and Origin).

Discord hosts many public and private "servers," and these servers can have multiple text and voice "channels." Each server is managed by the server's owner and administrators. Server access is controlled on a per-server basis by the server owner and server administrators.

Discord can be run through web browsers such as Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, or it can be run through a downloadable standalone client; links to open Discord in-browser or to download the client are available at Registration is required in order to use Discord. Most features and services on Discord, including registering an account, joining or creating a server, participating on a server, and private messaging to other users, are free.

Joining The Sims Wiki's Discord server

Currently, The Sims Wiki's discord server is not public. We are allowing only users who have an established good reputation on The Sims Wiki to join the server. In addition, you must have an account on Discord that is at least five minutes old with a verified email address (You can create an account here). If you have made positive contributions to the wiki (including the fanon namespace), and have had an account registered with FANDOM (aka Wikia) for at least a week, you can request to join the server.

To request access to the Discord server, click on the following link: This will open Discord in a separate tab, or open your Discord client. You will be added to the Welcome channel on Discord, but will be unable to speak right away. A server operator or moderator will contact you with instructions to confirm who you are by having you edit the wiki while logged in. After you are successfully confirmed, you will be added to the New User role group, and will be allowed to participate in public text channels on the server, including general chat. Server moderators may not be active at all times. If you join the server and you are not contacted within a reasonable time, please reach out to a server moderator or operator on their talk page to be confirmed.

Server rules

The following are general rules for chatting on The Sims Wiki's Discord server, including in special channels or while using voice chat. Final authority for interpreting the server rules belongs solely to the server operators and moderators. Special channels on the server may have more specific rules than those listed here.

  • Discussions in all text and voice channels must remain appropriate for a general audience.
  • Excessive spamming of text channels, either through inclusion of nonsense or in linking to other websites multiple times after receiving a warning, will not be tolerated. Excessive spamming of voice channels, through the transmission of intentionally loud, repetitive, random, or irritating noise or audio, is also not tolerated.
  • Spam in text and/or audio channels may result in the temporary revocation of permissions, removal from special text and/or audio channels, a kick from the server, the loss of "trusted user" role, or a permanent ban from the server.
  • Users who frequently transmit "dead air" over voice channels due to an improperly-calibrated microphone or high levels of background noise may have "Voice Activity" permissions removed. These users will be able to transmit audio over the channel only by using the “push-to-talk" feature.
  • Harassment, exploitation of other users, attacks against other users, trolling or flaming is strictly forbidden. Server operators and moderators will take any steps necessary to end this behavior immediately, up to and including permanent bans from the server.
  • No bots, except those allowed by server operators, may join or operate on the server. Users inviting unauthorized bots may be denied access to the server or be given reduced permissions.
  • Users who join the server and fail to follow through with the confirmation process in a reasonable length of time may be removed from the server. Users who are inactive on the server for a long period of time may be removed from the server; these users will not need to re-confirm as long as they rejoin the server with the same account, but any user roles they held prior to being removed will be forfeit and will need to be reacquired.

User roles

The Sims Wiki Discord channel groups all users into roles. Roles grant different permissions; users with higher roles are granted a greater number of permissions. The decision to move any user from one role to another rests solely with the channel operators.

New User

All new members of the server are put into this role. New Users are allowed to use text chat only, and have some text chat features disabled.

Trusted User

Trusted Users are allowed to join the server's voice chat channels, and are allowed to use more advanced text chat features.

Server Moderator

Server Moderators are trusted users who have earned additional permissions and responsibilities on the server. These users are tasked with enforcing the server's rules, and have the power to remove users from specific channels (text or voice), suspend certain permissions, or remove users from the server entirely.

All server moderators can be contacted at one time by typing @server moderators into the text chat window. This feature should only be used to contact moderators in the event of immediate disruption to the server.

Server Moderators are selected by other Moderators and Server Operators on an as-needed basis. Applications for Moderator permissions will not be accepted.

Server Operator

Server Operators manage the server. In addition to serving as Server Moderators, Server Operators can adjust any user's roles, change the permissions available to different user roles, create or delete channels, and make other broad, large-scale changes to the server.

Server operators can be contacted at one time by typing @server operators into the text chat window (note that server operators are also included in the server moderator group, so all messages to @server moderators will also go to all server operators). This feature should only be used to contact operators to discuss matters relevant to the operation of the server.

Server Operators are selected by other Server Operators on an as-needed basis. Applications for Operator permissions will not be accepted.

Wiki Administrator

The Sims Wiki Administrators and Bureaucrats that are members of the Discord server are given the additional role of "Wiki Administrator." The Wiki Administrator role does not grant any additional permissions beyond that of the Trusted User role, and Wiki Administrators are not automatically made Server Moderators or Server Operators.

List of Operators and Moderators

The following is a list of all current server operators and moderators. Requests to receive moderator or operator roles and permissions are not currently accepted; new moderators or operators will be chosen by the existing operators and moderators on an as-needed basis.

User Role Name(s) commonly used on the server
C.Syde65 (talk) Server operator C.Syde
DanPin (talk) Server moderator Danny
GAHSIcepick (talk) Server moderator Icepick
K6ka (talk) Server operator k6ka
LostInRiverview (talk) Server operator LostInRiverview, LiR

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