The Sims Wiki has several different lines of interaction which are based off-site and aren't related to Wikia. These methods are used for various different purposes, including expanding our userbase, branching out our methods of interaction and to build a stronger sense of community across the internet. These methods are usually operated by members of the wiki, usually administrators.

Facebook Edit

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The Sims Wiki's Facebook page is used for social interaction, news and announcing things which are happening on-wiki, which is effective considering the popularity of both Facebook and our page.

Twitter Edit

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The Sims Wiki's Twitter feed is used in a very similar way to our Facebook page in the sense that it can be used for social interaction, news and announcements.

YouTube Edit

You Tube
The Sims Wiki's YouTube channel is used for social interaction with visual content and more.

Steam Edit

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The Sims Wiki's Steam group can be used by gamers with Steam accounts to interact with other users on the wiki. The group also has a chat function which allows members to converse with each other, in addition to announcements, discussions and events organising features.

IRC channel Edit

The Sims Wiki IRC Channel Logo

The Sims Wiki's IRC Channel is used by members of The Sims Wiki to chat, in a similar manner to the on-wiki chat feature. IRC is moderated by channel operators and can be used for almost the exact same purposes as Chat.