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IRC Channel Operators
Chat moderator Icon yes check v Open to requests.
Content moderator Red x cross uncheck bad Closed for requests.

Requests for Chat moderator and content moderator user rights are handled through this page. Moderator rights requests are almost always open on The Sims Wiki.

Requests for Chat moderatorship

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If you feel that you are a valuable member of Chat and you think you would benefit from the Chat moderator rights, this is where to apply. The minimum requirements are:

  • Be an active user of Chat (on chat every day, or nearly every day) for at least four months.
  • Having a fair knowledge on how Chat works and the rules of using Chat.
  • A good record of civil behavior - if you have been told off for messing around or are constantly bringing up heart-touching (i.e sensitive topics) or inappropriate topics, then you are not ready for this.
  • Having good English skills is a necessity as English is the only language allowed on main Chat.
    • Spking liek dis meens ur not rdy 2 bcome Chat mod.

Application procedure

Stage 1: Nominating

  • Users may nominate themselves or other users for Chat moderator rights.
  • Multiple requests at one time are allowed.
  • Moderator candidates that are not given any additional privileges are ineligible to be nominated or to nominate themselves for at least a month.

Stage 2: Discussion

  • A period of discussion shall last at least three days.
  • If a request will clearly not achieve a favorable consensus (i.e. there is absolutely no support for promotion) - in other words, the request doesn't have a "snowball's chance" of passage - it may be canceled early.
  • After three days of discussion, it shall be determined whether a consensus is in favor of a user being given Chat Moderator rights. If there is a consensus, rights will be awarded. If there is clearly no consensus for a user to be promoted, the discussion is ended and rights will not be awarded.
  • In cases where consensus is not clear after three days, discussion will continue for three additional days.
  • If, after this time, there is no clear consensus either in favor or not in favor of promotion, the request proceeds to Stage 3.

Stage 3: Voting

  • A period of voting shall last five days.
  • Votes for a nominee may only be support or oppose votes. Any neutral votes cast will not be included in an official vote count.
  • A 2/3rds majority vote (of counted votes only) is required for a promotion nomination to pass this stage.


Both administrators and bureaucrats may moderate discussions and votes, determine consensus, and award rights to successful nominees. Administrators and bureaucrats may participate in discussions and vote, but must be impartial when moderating, determining consensus, and awarding rights.

What you will do as a Chat moderator

  • Protect Chat from disruptive behavior by warning, kicking and/or banning disruptive individuals.
  • Maintain an active presence in Chat so that it's more easily moderated; it's not worth having these rights if you're hardly ever in Chat.

What you may not do as a Chat moderator

  • Use your operator privileges to take advantage of users or to control the Chat.
  • Ignore the needs and wants of Chat users.
  • Abuse rights by using them incorrectly, for personal reasons or against non-disruptive users.

Open requests

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