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A theater is a rabbit hole building found in The Sims 3. However there is a set in Store that functions similar to a theater.

Gameplay descriptionsEdit

The theater is the place where a Sim buys shows for your group that provide a positive moodlet, get a job in the Music career, attend Bass, Drum, Guitar, or Piano classes, hold autograph sessions or tour the theater.

Sims can spend leisure time attending a movie or concert here, which will ultimately boost Fun.

Sims can WooHoo here although they might get caught by the security and be asked to leave.

This is one of the properties that a Sim can partner with and own in The Sims 3.

Theaters generate the following red map tag in-game:

Theatre Tag

Show variationsEdit

Movies by genreEdit

  • Sharks... On Land!
  • Explosions 2: Bigger, Better, Louder
  • Facekicker 4: In Your Face
  • Brews and Pounds
  • Circus Roadtrip
  • Boat Race Champions
Chick Flick
  • Somber Bloomings
  • Swollen Hearts
  • I'm Dying, Let's Dance
  • Prison for Dogs
  • Esmond Scrimshaw: Hippo Wrestler
  • I'm a Carrot!
  • Balloonists I have Loved
  • Simdonia in June
  • Love and Truffles
  • Corduroy Sunglasses
  • My First Turntable
  • Weeping with Irony
  • The Mold that Moved
  • Cyborg Goat Herders
  • Starship: Incredulous!
  • They came With Tweezers
  • Psycho Podiatrist
  • House with No Doors

Plays and symphoniesEdit

  • The Hidden Pistol
  • Somber is the Llama
  • Renard the Clown
  • Great Jotun's Spear
  • Fourteenth Nocturne in J#
  • The Underwear Overture



Studio Town Theater

Inaccessible theater in Studio Town