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The people of Ticktop are tinkerers and inventors, and while their inventions are often not of real value, some say that the top minds have discovered a way to manipulate time itself, seeing into a world of metal dragons and flying machines.

Ticktop is a highly knowledgeable and cerebral territory of scientists and engineers. Ticktop uses golems for most of their menial labor, allowing its citizens to focus on inventing. It's rumored that the top inventors in the region have developed a time machine, a rumor supported by their leader being referred to as the "Timelord" or "Timelady."

Ticktop appears on the map when the kingdom reaches 60 Renown. It requires 10 Resource Points to ally with.


Ticktop buys Crystals and Stones.


  • 1 Gems for Mithral
  • 3 Goose Feathers for Combustion Cordials
  • 4 bags of Magic Powder for a Mysterious Machine Part