A Toadstool Race is one of the challenges a magical Sim may be given after talking to a vendor in Magic Town. Unlike most other challenges, a toadstool race is a sort of minigame. When the race starts, a number of toadstools (not the gray ones that can be sat on) will appear. The player's task is to have the Sim touch more toadstools than the vendor. When the Sim touches one it will turn blue, when a vendor touches one it will turn red. The one with more of their color wins (Ties will always go to the vendor). If the Sim wins, he or she will receive a special ingredient from the vendor. Some vendors are harder to beat than others, this is the order of vendors and how hard they are to beat.

  • Vicki Vampiress: Easiest to beat, as she will just walk up to them no matter how far away they are.
  • Apothecary Todd: The second easiest vendor to beat. He will run up to them, which can be hard to beat unless the Sim has obtained teleportation from a Crystal Clear Ability Rock. Even then, he might be hard to beat on a smaller lot. If the player clicks "Go here" on the area in front of the toadstool, and the Sim runs to it, the Sim might have a good chance.
  • Faerie Queen Mara: The hardest vendor to beat, as she will teleport to every toadstool and likely win. Unless the Sim has obtained teleportation, racing her is not recommended.


Shortly after the toadstools appear, the player can pause and find all the toadstools. The player can then click on them and resume, and the Sim will run over to each one in the order they were clicked. This is a great way to even the odds with the vendors, who don't have to keep searching.