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Tools are programs which are used outside The Sims (series) games. They are often used to manipulate or manage in-game custom content and neighborhoods, but some are useful (or essential) when creating custom content.

There are many user-created tools available made by the Sims community, but EA has also launched a few official tools.

Official toolsEdit

The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 both feature game launchers.

The SimsEdit

  • The Sims Eraser
This tool, which was included on the CDs for later expansion packs, is made to remove Windows registry entries that were left behind after uninstalling The Sims. In some cases, these leftover entries could interfere with reinstalling.
  • SimShow (Skins)
This tool allows skins to be previewed and imported. A Macintosh version was made by Aspyr Media.
  • HomeCrafter
This tool allows players to make walls and floors.
  • FaceLift & FaceLift Gold
These are tools for creating and importing custom heads.
  • Art Studio
This tool allows .BMP and .JPG images to be made as single-tile paintings.[1]
  • FileCop
This tool checks some files, such as walls, floors, and skins, and removes incomplete or damaged files.[2]
  • Menu Edit
This is a basic tool for editing the text strings which appear in an object's pie menu.
  • Hot Date Object Organizer [TS:HD]
This tool allows setting objects created by Art Studio and other programs so they sort correctly in the catalog and are available for purchase Downtown.[3]
  • Make-a-Date [TS:HD]
  • The Superstar Make-a-Celebrity [TS:S]

The Sims 2Edit

The Sims 3Edit

The EADM (Electronic Arts Download Manager) could be considered a tool as well.

User created toolsEdit

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  1. 'Art Studio' was never updated to support the catalog sub-categories which were added in Hot Date. Its output will appear in Decorative->All, but will not appear in the Paintings subcategory.
  2. 'File Cop' was not updated to handle changes Hot Date and later EPs made to the way "buyable" (formal, swimwear, pajamas, etc.) skins are handled. 'Skin Doctor' is a similar tool.
  3. The 'Hot Date Object Organizer' was not updated for later expansion packs. There are two fanmade similar tools though: 'SimCategorizer' from SimWardrobe and 'SimOrganizer'.
  4. A standalone version of the new CAS was available prior to the base game's launch for people who had pre-ordered it. It has not been released freely as Body Shop and it is unknown if it ever will be.