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Taking a Tour
Taking a tour from a Tour Guide

A tour is a special activity Sims can take while on a vacation. Each vacation destination has three unique local tours. Tours can be booked by asking the tour guides. Tour guide will hang around the phone booth in a community lot or hotel, but they won't appear in vacation home. A Sim can ask a tour guide to book a tour and include which vacation party member will join the tour. After booking a tour, a vacation van, a tour bus, or a helicopter will arrive to pick the Sims. Each tour costs §100, §200, or §300 per tour member. A tour member must be any member of the household, vacation party, or member of the outing.[1]

Tour is similar to going to work. The game doesn't really show where the Sims are going and what they do, but tour is simply a chance card that might be beneficial or disadvantageous. While Sims are on a tour, a chance card will appear, and player can choose one of the two options, or simply ignore it. The outcome is random. A good outcome might give Sims some money, skills, or need boost. A bad outcome might make Sims lose skills, money, or need drop. All tour members who join the same tour will earn the same benefit or penalty simultaneously.

Tour Guide

A Tour Guide will linger around the phone booth

Other than the general outcomes, there are some special results when Sims get benefit or penalty from taking tours. Sims might discover a map to a secret lot, and all tour members will earn them in their inventory. Other penalties include some irritating effects to Sims. Motion sickness causes Sims to vomit after the tour, Sims might be chased by bees,[2] and Sims might encounter a poison ivy, which causes Sims to autonomously scratch themselves and drop out the queue.

Some Sims might want to take tours when they are on vacation. Below is the list of outcome when taking the tours.

Type Tour Cost/Sim Good Outcomes Bad Outcomes
Beach vacation Glass Bottom Boat §100 +Logic -Fun, -Comfort
+§350 Motion Sickness
Poison Ivy
Beach vacation Helicopter Tour §200 +Mechanical Motion Sickness
+Logic -Logic
+Cleaning Bees
Beach vacation Parasailing §300 +Body -§50
+§400 -§1,000, -Fun, -Comfort
+§500 -Hygiene
-Fun, -Comfort
-Energy, -Fun, -Comfort
Mountain vacation Logging Expedition §100 +Body -Fun, -Comfort
+Logic -Logic
+Charisma Poison Ivy
Mountain vacation Bird Watching §200 +Logic Bees
+Charisma -Charisma
+§500 -Logic
Mountain vacation Nature Trail §300 +Body Poison Ivy
+Logic Bees
+§300 -Hunger
+§500 -Charisma
FarEast vacation Historic Walking Tour §100 +Charisma -Hunger, -Energy, -Bladder
+Fun, +Energy Poison Ivy
+§500 Bees
+Cooking -§300
+Body -Fun, -Comfort, -Hygiene
FarEast vacation River Boat §200 +§500 -§300
+Fun, +Energy -Fun
+Mechanical Poison Ivy
+Charisma Motion Sickness
+Body Bees
-Fun, -Comfort, -Hygiene
FarEast vacation Bamboo Forest §300 +Fun -Fun
+Body Bees
+Logic -§300

Additionally, a custom vacation destination doesn't have any unique tours or tour outcome. Its tours will be determined by which vacation template it uses. Thus, if the custom vacation destination uses the Far East template, the tours will always be Bamboo Forest, Historic Walking Tour, and River Boat.


  1. Sims can include member of the outing to go to a vacation without any additional cost for flight, but they will leave the vacation after the outing is over.
  2. If player crosses out "Being Chased by Bees" interaction before Sims get out of the tour van, Sims won't be chased by bees.

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