Town Square
Town Square - playing with dog
Lot type Community
Lot size Large
Game The Sims 2: Pets (console)

Town Square is the only community lot that appears in the console version of The Sims 2 Pets exclusively for PlayStation 2 and Wii only. The large lot has pet services, and there is also a Coffee Shop (if you buy lots of coffee here, the Sundae Shack will appear too) two bathrooms and a chess area. Unlike most community lots on the PC version, here you can gain skill points.

The entire area is at the back of the lake.

Services Edit

Pet BakeryEdit

Buy food for pets.

Pet Emporium Edit

Buy dog/cat-related items, such as beds, pet food and doghouses.

Kennel Edit

Pets can be left here for a chosen time by the owner. They will be treated and the owner will go home alone and come back to receive the pet again after the time he paid for expires. Each day costs 10 pet points.

Pet Salon Edit

Pets can be washed here, and buy pet accessories and clothes.

Pet PurveyorEdit

Here you can buy and sell pets. All pets sold here are pre-made.

Toy StoreEdit

Here you can buy new toys for your pet.

Hot Dog Vending MachineEdit

Buy hotdogs here.

Soda Vending MachineEdit

Buy sodas here.

Coffee StandEdit

Buy coffee for both Sims and Pets.

Smoothie StandEdit

The player can purchase smoothies for both sims and pets here.

Ice Cream StandEdit

Buy ice cream for your Sims and their pets here. This only appears once the player has purchased lots of coffee at the Coffee Shop.

Activities Edit

  • Jog
  • Teach your pet tricks
  • Play chess
  • Play with your pets
  • Socialize
  • Meet unlocked Townies
  • Take a nap
  • Play with strays
  • Climb trees
  • Fulfill Sims's needs

Other Services Edit

  • Exchange Pet Points - Simoleons
  • Adopt a Pet
  • Coffee Shop
  • Sundae Shack
  • Ice Cream Shack

Note: Ice Cream Shack appears after buying lots of coffee at the Coffee Shop.