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This is a table, to be transcluded onto Trait (The Sims 4). [edit table]

Icon Trait Description Aspiration EP
Trait TS4 High Metabolism High Metabolism It is easier to stay fit and trim when you have High Metabolism. Athletic &BG
TS4 Icon
Trait TS4 Muser Muser Musers get better boosts to their skills when they're inspired. Creativity &BG
TS4 Icon
Trait TS4 Dastardly Dastardly Dastardly Sims perform stronger and more successful mean interactions. Deviance &BG
TS4 Icon
Trait TS4 Domestic Domestic Domestic Sims will see their familiar relationships grow stronger faster. Family &BG
TS4 Icon
Trait TS4 Essence of Flavor Essence of Flavor Sims with Essence of Flavor make higher quality food and drink. Food &BG
TS4 Icon
Trait TS4 Business Savvy Business Savvy Business Savvy Sims earn more money from their careers. Fortune &BG
TS4 Icon
Trait TS4 Quick Learner

Quick Learner

Quick Learners build all skills a little bit faster! Knowledge &BG
TS4 Icon
Trait TS4 Domestic Home Turf These Sims become Happy when they are in their home neighborhood. Location TS4 City Living Icon
Trait TS4 Alluring Alluring Alluring Sims are more successful at romance than others. Love &BG
TS4 Icon
Trait TS4 Collector Collector Collectors can find rare collectibles more often! Nature &BG
TS4 Icon
Trait TS4 Gregarious Gregarious Gregarious Sims build friendly relationships faster. Popularity &BG
TS4 Icon

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