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The Treehouse is a part of playground equipment added in The Sims 3: Generations and The Sims 3: Town Life Stuff. There are four types of tree houses: Kid's Clubhouse, Sci-Fi Hideaway, The Princess and The Pauper Castle, and Sunny Bungalow Clubhouse that came with Town Life Stuff. The Treehouse is considered a rabbit hole as the inside of it is not visible, though Sims can enter it.


  • Children can perform various interactions with the treehouses, including sleeping in them.
  • Teens can hang out in the tree houses, or sleep in them.
  • Children can restrict which gender is allowed in the treehouse.
  • Children can pull multiple pranks in the treehouse, such as tipping water over the victim's head.
  • Young adults, adults, and elders can WooHoo in the tree house, although when doing so they may receive a splinter (Then get the negative "Splinter" moodlet).
  • Imaginary Friends can come up with their friends.

There's a 50% chance Sims will get splinter while WooHooing in the treehouse. Unlucky and Clumsy Sims have higher chance to get splinter (87.5%) while Lucky Sims have lower chance (25%). When Sims try for baby in the treehouse, there's a chance that the baby will have one predetermined trait based on the type of the treehouse, providing the players are unable to choose the traits when the baby is born.