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Tricou family
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Tricou family
Name Tricou family
Members Jon Smith Tricou, Jennicor Tricou, Jennail Tricou, Nylissit Tricou, Kvornan Tricou, Kiernan Tricou, Fricorith Tricou, Gvaudoin Tricou
Number of generations 3 generations
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Nightlife Icon The Sims 2: Nightlife
Playability Deceased
Neighborhood Downtown

The Tricou family lived in Downtown, the sub-neighborhood that comes with the Nightlife expansion pack. All eight members have died by the time the player enters the lot; Gvaudoin and Fricorith Tricou haunt the House of Fallen Trees (where the entire family once lived), while Jon Smith, Jennicor, Kiernan, Nylissit, Jennail and Kvornan haunt Gothier Green Lawns, the cemetery in Downtown. Also buried at the house is a young woman named Rainelle Neengia, who seems to have moved into the house after the family's death. After seeing the ghosts of the two teens, Gvaudoin and Fricorith, she died of fright. The little furniture Rainelle had is still in the house. This family is very unique, as they are one of the matrilineal families in the game, as in, the husband takes the wife's last name. Judging by the house they lived in, the Tricous were quite rich, at least at one time.

There seems to be a slight mix up between Gvaudoin and Fricorith. Fricorith has blond hair, but neither of his parents appear to have that hair color. Jennail has black hair, and Kvornan has brown hair. Gvaudoin doesn't appear to be noticeable, as she has black hair like her father Kiernan. However she doesn't bear any resemblance to her mother Nylissit. Instead she and her aunt Jennail both use a slightly modified version of a custom face already in CAS. So, Fricorith may have been meant to be Nylissit's son, while Gvaudoin may have been intended to be Jennail's daughter. But this may have just been a mistake by the developers.

Family tree

Tricou Family Tree



Resurrecting the Tricou Family

Method One: The Tombstone of Life and Death

Needed items to resurrect the family are the Tombstone of L & D (acquired through the boolprop testingcheatsenabled cheat) and the Resurrect-O-Nomitron. Make sure the selected Sim has no actions in their queue and pause the game. The player must click the Tombstone and cycle through the Add Neighbor to Family... option until finding the name of one of the Tricou family members then the player needs to click the name. Next, resume and pause quickly by pressing the 'P' key on keyboard twice, if this is done correctly the Sim will stay on the screen without turning into a ghost then, with the game still paused, have the "deceased" Sim to Call the Grim Reaper on the Resurrect-O-Nomitron, They will be able to resurrect one of their family members back. The newly resurrected Sim can be used to bring back their family members.

Method Two: The Mailbox

The "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" cheat needs to be activated.

Step one: Select a playable Sim.

Step two: Shift+click on the mailbox.

Step three: Click on the button which says "Make Me Know Everyone" This cheat will make the selected Sim know everyone even those Sims who have passed away.

Step four: Get the Resurrect-O-Nomitron. If it has not been earned as a career reward, shift+click on the newspaper, then select Career Rewards under Paranormal.

Step five: Resurrect all the Tricous.

Method Three: Jon Smith Tricou's Descendants (no cheats method)

There are several downtown teen townies that are descended from Jon Smith Tricou. If the player can make them playable, they can resurrect him with the Resurrect-o-Nomitron.

  1. Identify a teen descendant of Jon Smith Tricou, they have random names with every game/version of Downtown but they always have the same appearance. There are several ways to identify them, they all have Pleasure aspirations, and several of them have hairstyles/hats that were introduced with Nightlife. The most easy to identify is a blond male who wears white face makeup and black lipstick. There is also a female who has the "chopsticks bun" There are about 6 in total, you will see Jon Smith Tricou in their family tree once they are playable.
  2. Make the teen playable and if you have the University expansion pack the player can 'send them to college' to make them playable or if the player has FreeTime installed, have them make friends with a teen NPC and age them up with the chosen Sim to make them playable and if you have University you can send them to college, they can always make them drop out of college if you don't want to play them in university.
  3. Get the now-adult descendant a Resurrect-o-Nomitron via the Paranormal career track.
  4. Have the now-adult descendant resurrect Jon Smith Tricou.
  5. Jon Smith Tricou can resurrect the rest of the Tricous.

A variation of this involves the Laganaphyllis Simnovorii, if the player has access to both a Laganaphyllis Simnovorii and a Resurrect-o-nomitron, teen Sims can bring home one of the Tricou teens and have them get eaten by the Laganaphyllis Simnovorii. The teen Sim will then be able to resurrect all the dead Tricous.

Method Four: Witch Spell

Apartment Life is required to resurrect the Tricous using this method, this method can be done without any cheats.

1. Have a Teen or older Sim turn into a witch (mean if possible, just to get a head start)

2. Get them to Maximum Evil and Maximum magic skill.

3. Go to the Gothier Green Lawns. You need an adult for the next step

4. Cast the spell 'Vivicus Zombiae'

The Tricou you resurrected will be a zombie.

5. Put the zombie Tricou in the Paranormal career.

6. Get them to where they can get the 'Resurrect-O-Nomitron'.

7. Resurrect all the other Tricous (you can either resurrect them all perfectly or make them all zombies, for more information on this visit Resurrect-O-Nomitron )

Method Five: Genie Lamp (Requires FreeTime and boolprop cheat)

For those who do not have University or Apartment Life, there is a fifth way to resurrect the Tricous; using the Genie Lamp. The Genie Lamp can be used to resurrect a dead sim but only if your sim knows them.

To resurrect the Tricous using this method:

  1. Ctrl + Shift + C, then type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and hit "Enter."
  2. Now that the cheat has been activated, Shift + Click on the sim.
  3. The players should see an option that says "Spawn..." Click on that and first choose "Tombstone of L and D." Shift + Click and choose "Spawn..." again, but this time choose "Sim Modder." These two cheat items take the form of a tombstone and baby respectively, the third and final item you will need to spawn is the Genie Lamp. Click "More" until you see it.
  4. Click on the Tombstone of L and D. Look further for the option which says "Add Neighbor to Family..." If you don't see any of the Tricous right away, keep clicking "More" until you see one of their names pop up. Note: Usually, Jon Smith's is the first to show... and this part is rather tedious.
  5. Once the player has found a Tricou, it's required to select him/her. Upon doing so, pause the game and click on the Sim Modder. Select "Relationships..." and select one of the options.
  6. Unpause the game. Don't worry about the Tricou fading away. Now that you have unpaused the game, click on the Genie Lamp and select "Rub Lamp."
  7. Once the genie is summoned, click on him, choose "Wish" and select "Resurrect." The player should see the Tricou's name there. Select it. (There is a chance when using this wish that the Tricou will become a Zombie.) The player can then use that Tricou to resurrect the others.

It is strongly advised that, upon finishing this cheat (depending on if it's wanted one specific Tricou or all of them) that the user turns the boolprop cheat off by typing "false" at the end instead of "true." Prolonged use of the boolprop cheat can cause some problems for the user later on, especially if it's left on. To get rid of the cheat objects, go to Buy Mode and sell them OR use "Force Error."

Strange Relations: Quirks of The Tricou Family

After resurrection, players may notice that the Tricou clan relates differently than other Sims. Even though individual character memories show that there were three married Tricou couples before their collective deaths, none of the formerly married couples acknowledge their spouses after resurrection as anything more than family members. Parents still love their children, but may resist any sort of romantic involvement with each other—refusing to sleep in the same bed, and refusing any sort or romantic entanglement beyond basic affection.

Even Tricous who were not formerly married (i.e. the in-law spouses) will consent to WooHoo if romanced, but will typically refuse any proposal of engagement or marriage. Note that the game does not flag a romantic relationship between former Tricou in-laws as cheating, but neither do any of the Tricous have a memory of a break-up with their former partners.

If you wish to end-run around these unusual relationship restrictions, buying quantities of Love Potion Number 8.5 from the local Gypsy Matchmaker may be the simplest solution.

Additionally, at least in this author's game, Kiernan Tricou was resurrected with a strong dislike of Jennail Tricou. Left to his own devices, the character would repeatedly seek her out and provoke arguments, typically leading to fights. Even after reading a book on Anger Management, Kiernan still sought out Jennail from time to time, looking to cause trouble.

Only after Kiernan and Jennail are explicitly made friends by the player does Kiernan's random antagonism stop. In a final twist, once they are friends, Kiernan and Jennail actually become attracted to one another.

In light of the strange attitudes of resurrected Tricous toward love and marriage; the unusual matrilineal lineage through Jennicor; Jon Smith Tricou's Descendants from outside his marriage; the vaguely gothic makeup and default fashion choices many Tricous wear; and the two vampire coffins prepared and waiting in the basement of their family home, the House of Fallen Trees, it's not too much of a stretch for a player to presume that at least some of the Tricous may have been (or may have been designed to be) part of a vampire clan, prior to their initial deaths.


  • The Tricou family and house are actually based on a real home in New Orleans. The house has a huge, narrow and dangerous staircase down which Penelope, the granddaughter of the home owner, fell. Penelope died and now supposedly haunts the house. Other strange things happen in this house, such as a scary man with razor teeth that haunts the balcony, and a statue that moves with red lip marks on its behind. The house became a restaurant and popular attraction with the hauntings, but closed in 2005 [1].
  • Even though the Tricou family seemingly passed away long ago, the members have generally modern gothic clothes and makeup.
  • The house of fallen trees may have once, long ago, been the home to the Gray Lady of Sim City, who died of fire. The Tricous might have been her descendants.
  • Despite the fact that the family home has a lush exterior, the inside lacks the traditional Victorian-gothic, haunted mansion like furniture. This may be possibly because the next owner may have redecorated, or someone, at some point, moved, taking much of the furniture in their inventory, or selling it.
  • Fricorith Tricou is buried in the Moonlight Falls cemetery, in The Sims 3: Supernatural. Although there are no other family members buried there, this suggests that the Tricou family has been long dead in The Sims 2.
The Tricou Family
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