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A Unicorn.

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The unicorn is a creature introduced in the PC/Mac version of The Sims 3: Pets. They are not available in the console versions of The Sims 3: Pets. It was announced for the first time on The Sims 3: Pets - Gamescom Germany Trailer.[1]


Wild unicorns appear normally at night and disappear at day. At 8:00 PM, there is a 33% chance a wild unicorn will appear in the neighborhood.[2] They usually spawn at fishing spots and on the map, where the players can see a big shining cloud above the lot. Under the cloud is the wild unicorn, with sparkles coming down from the cloud and onto the unicorn. At 5:00 AM the unicorn will disappear in a burst of sparkles, as seen below.

Sims can try to tame a wild unicorn so it can join their household. However, the Sim will need to be best friends with it first, and also be 'best friends forever' with 3 household animals. If the Sim doesn't abide by the unicorn's wishes it will decline the Sim's request. Unicorns like gardening and they often bless plants if they are near them; they almost never curse plants. Once a wild unicorn has been invited into the family, the floating cloud above it disappears. Once a wild unicorn is invited into a household and it accepts, another unicorn will be generated and will become the new wild unicorn, since a neighborhood can only have one wild unicorn at any given time. A household can contain more than one unicorn. Just like Sims, a unicorn can be added to the active household through testingcheatsenabled. After entering the cheat, the player can shift-click on the unicorn and select "Add to household", which will immediately add the unicorn to the family. This will not fulfill the Lifetime Wish "The Fairy-Tale Finder" however.

Unicorns are very mystical creatures; if they stand still, eat hay, graze, drink water from a pond, a rainbow will shoot from its horn or a small plant will grow in front of its right front leg which will turn to leaves that can be carried away by the wind and disappear. If the Graphic Options are high, it can be seen that the Unicorn's coat glows.


Unicorns may be similar in appearance to a normal horse, however there are some traits in their appearance that make them different. A unicorn has a horn on its head which is the main trait of their appearance. Unicorns may have four coat shades: Black, Pink, White and Grey. A unicorn will also have a different tail and males will have a goatee growing from the their bottom lip.

Unicorn OffspringEdit

Unicorns can mate with other unicorns and even with horses. If a unicorn mates with a horse there is a 50% chance the foal will be a unicorn. If both parents are unicorns, the foal will be a Unicorn as well.[3] Unicorn foals have no access to their unicorn abilities. While the magical sparkly trail is there when they gallop, they do not have the speed of adult unicorns, but run the same as normal foals.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Two Unicorns After Blessing Each Other

Two Unicorns After Blessing Each Other.

  • Unicorns have a magical energy, needed to use abilities. Each ability has a cost in energy, and if the player doesn't allow enough time to the Sim's unicorn to recharge, he can get a negative moodlet for losing energy.
  • The maximum amount of magical energy is 60 magical points, and it takes 6 Sim-hours to fully recharge. When the unicorn's magical energy decreases to 30 magical points, he/she will get a neutral moodlet for Power Shortage. Also the horn and the eyes of the Unicorn glow when using abilities.

Ability Colours List

  • Orange (Fiery) - When using Create Fire.
  • Blue - When using Extinguish Fire and Bless a Sim.
  • Green - When Blessing Flora.
  • White - When Blessing Fauna (Pets & Sims).

Unicorn Abilities List

Unicorn 4

Unicorn disappearing as morning arrives.

  • Teleport - Teleports the unicorn to its desired location. If a Sim is on the unicorn and it uses the teleport ability, the Sim will teleported with the unicorn as well. Takes 5 magical points.
  • Ignite - Creates fire on the desired location. Unicorns cannot set fire to Sims or pets directly, but can set fire on any residential or community lot. Takes 15 magic points.
  • Cure - Unicorns can use this function to destroy the moodlet that a Sim or Pet receives when they have been Cursed. It also cures flea infestations on pets.
  • Extinguish - Extinguish the chosen fire, it doesn't need magical energy.
  • Bless Fauna - In order to bless a Sim or a pet, there must be a relationship with at least 30LTR between the unicorn and the Sim/Pet. Under the right conditions, there is 50% chance for the unicorn to bless a Sim or a Pet after a social interaction. This Sim or pet receives a "unicorn's blessing" moodlet and gets a positive multiplier in learning skills. Takes 30 magical points.
  • Curse Fauna - There must be a relation with -25LTR between the unicorn and the Sim or pet. Under the right conditions, there is 75% chance for the unicorn to curse a Sim or pet after a social interaction. This Sim or pet receives a "unicorn's curse" moodlet and gets a negative multiplier in learning skills. Takes 30 magical points.
  • Curse Flora - Makes the selected plant wither and die. Takes 10 magical points.
  • Bless Flora - Makes the selected plant grow up one level. After a plant reaching the highest point of its growth, using Bless Flora again will cause it to produce harvestable fruits/vegetables. Takes 20 magical points.

Moodlets Related to UnicornsEdit

Image Moodlet Name Mood Effect Time Period From Game Dialog/Description Notes EP
Unicorn Moonlit Moonlit Unicorn No Mood Effect N/A At Night For some odd reason, unicorns are able to pull more light from the moon! At night, there is a chance unicorns will gain this moodlet.
TS3P Icon
Power Shortage Power Shortage No Mood Effect 4 Hours Low Magical Points (Unicorn Name) is running low on magic power! Holding back on the spells for a while should help him/her restore a bit. Once a unicorn uses up 30 magical points, it will get this moodlet.
TS3P Icon
Power Failure Power Failure -10 4 Hours Empty Magical Points (Unicorn Name) is completely out of magic power! How is a unicorn supposed to cast spells with no power? Guess he's/she's just going to have to wait it out. Once a unicorn uses up all its magical points, it'll get this moodlet.
TS3P Icon
Unicorns Blessing Unicorn's Blessing +40 8 Hours Unicorn Bless Wow! What a great feeling! (Sim Name) should be able to accomplish a lot more with this blessing. Just look at him/her! When a unicorn blesses a Sim, they get this moodlet.
TS3P Icon
Unicorns Ire Unicorn's Ire -40 8 Hours Unicorn Curse Ugh, being cursed is definitely no joke. (Sim Name) is definitely going to have a hard time accomplishing things in this state. What could he/she have possibly done to make a Unicorn so mad? When a unicorn curses a Sim, they get this moodlet.
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Note: Removing the Power Failure moodlet by using testingcheatsenabled then ctrl+click on the moodlet will cause the unicorn to run out of magic power permanently.


  • Like normal horses, unicorn will eat gardening plants, so plants must be kept in a fenced-off area where they cannot reach.
  • When unicorns run, they have a glowing, sparkly trail behind them.
  • Unicorns have their Jumping and Racing Skills at maximum.
  • When not doing anything, eating hay or grazing on the ground a rainbow will shoot from their horn into the sky.
  • Also when standing still a small plant bush will grow around their front right leg and will then turn into leaves as they are carried away by the wind. There is a chance for a vegetable or fruit appear on the ground.
  • Unicorns are possibly the fastest creatures in The Sims series so far, because of their incredibly fast running ability that most pets don't have.
  • The Sims may have a lifetime wish The Fairy Tale Finder which requires only to adopt a unicorn.
  • Foal Unicorns don't have any access to their Magical Abilities. However, when they run the magic sparkly trail is there. However they don't run fast as Adult Unicorns and they run more like normal Foals.
  • Unicorns may autonomously bless a plant if it's near one. They can also Revive a Death Flower Bush using Bless Flora after the bush has been harvested.
  • Unicorns cannot bless minor pets.
  • The type of the unicorns (Good or Evil) isn't decided by the color of their coat or fur, as it was thought before the game's release, but by their traits.
  • Unicorns learn skills faster than horses.
  • Unicorns have a special feeling with good and evil Sims. Interacting with a good Sim will have a positive influence on their relationship, while interacting with an evil Sim will have a negative influence on their longtime relationship.
  • If a plant is fertilized by a unicorn, there is a 10% it will become a Life Fruit.
  • It has also been noted that if a Unicorn eats a Life Fruit, it does not gain an extra day to live.
  • Unlike horses, Unicorns can be adopted by children. This is because the riding skill is not required to adopt a Unicorn.
  • Unicorns always accept the Feed Harvestable social if your Sim offers a Life Fruit.
  • Unicorns have their own tombstone and it is different from horse's tombstone.
  • In The Sims 2 for GBA, there is an reference to a "Strangetown Unicorn" in Yeti's bio, but it never shows up in the game.[clarification needed]



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