Trait Unstable
Unstable is a mental trait introduced in The Sims 3: Into the Future. It is first available for children.

When a pile of disjointed components rattle around a Sim's head, they tend to be called "Unstable." Their traits are in a constant unpredictable flux and delusional episodes are just around the corner.


  • Upon waking up in the morning while in a bad mood, unstable Sims may feel out of sorts.
  • Unstable Sims will experience delusional episodes that may permanently change their traits.

Player notesEdit

  • Sims will sometimes get wishes to feel out of sorts when in a bad mood.
  • The unstable Sim will talk to nothing, similar to an insane Sim.
  • If the unstable Sim is not treated from feeling out of sorts by self-clicking to take deep breaths or by being treated at the hospital, the "Out of Sorts" moodlet will change to the "Impending Episode" moodlet and if they are not treated before the moodlet expires, some or all of their traits, except for the unstable trait itself may change.

Premade unstable SimsEdit

Examples of premade unstable Sims: Nathaniel Castle, Cassandre Chandelace, Planchette Spector

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