aka Chevy

  • I live in Chevy Truck-land
  • I was born on May 4
  • My occupation is sports, art, music, reading and writing stories, songs, and poetry, hanging out friends (preferably boys I'm friends with), and working on vehicles
  • I am Duh: female
  • 2014ChevyGirl

    Warfare in Sight

    September 27, 2015 by 2014ChevyGirl

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    Bullets are Flying everywhere as the Blood Flies.

    Heartpounding scenes and negative energy, the Soldier is Frightened. 

    He runs with his buddies, Armed to the Core.

    A.K 47 is ready while bombs strapped tightly to waist.

    He's ready and he knows it.

    He runs inside the Terrorist-infested building, Pounding Bullets into the nearby Terrorists as they wait.

    Blood is splattered on him, but he doesn't care.

    This is his Country, not theirs.

    He runs to the safety of a corner, on knees and Stealthly Watching.

    They're Near and he Feels their Presence.

    He grabs a Grenade and sets it, Throwing it into the room-filled Terrorists.

    The Bomb goes off, exploding and Destroying everything in its path.

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    The Cries o…

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  • 2014ChevyGirl

    Broken Eyes

    September 27, 2015 by 2014ChevyGirl

                                                        Tear-filled and Shiny to the Extreme.

                                                Melts in the Sun when Depressed or Devestated.

                 Soreness and Burning; Tears don't Envoy; they only Hold Memories and Plan your Furture's Hold.

                                  They don't Melf as in Broken; they only Prove you're Upset and Heartbroken.

                                              The pupils look back and forth, Tears forming at the corners.

                                              Misery and Sadness Compel against the Pain in One's Heart.

                      The Deepness and Sadness Overwhelms you with a Painful Clutter of Blues and Loneliness.


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  • 2014ChevyGirl

    Darkest Hour

    September 25, 2015 by 2014ChevyGirl

                                                  Sequences and Diversions in sight, no one knows your Fears.

                                        The hours slowly go by as the minutes and seconds tick, taking the remaining day away.

                                                  Red Beaty Eyes Ponder the Night, stealing the Cascades of the Moonlight. 

                                       Stars aren't out and neither the Moon; only fog halos in the distance bring on the remaining light.

                                                 Crisp Night Air Blows around the mid-night chocolate night, Devouring any comfort.

                                                     The Red Eyes Glow Blood Red as pupils Danger the sight with Cat eyes.


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  • 2014ChevyGirl

    The Author I (possibly) am:

    Some people don't actually know I'm an author (unless they looked at my profile). But I've been writing since sixth grade! And coming up with reports and stuff for teachers and being taught English and mild literature (i don't really care for) got me to where I'm at now. Most of the stories I came up with are too short to really read and relax to, while others are have too much explanations and get really boring.  Of course that's going into eigtht grade on them. But some are funny as heck and you can't get off the page for a solid HOUR! But ever since I got into ninth grade last year I put my mind to the test: coming up with the longest story with small text that fills up the pages. I bet you can take an easy gu…

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