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Broken Eyes

                                                    Tear-filled and Shiny to the Extreme.

                                            Melts in the Sun when Depressed or Devestated.

             Soreness and Burning; Tears don't Envoy; they only Hold Memories and Plan your Furture's Hold.

                              They don't Melf as in Broken; they only Prove you're Upset and Heartbroken.

                                          The pupils look back and forth, Tears forming at the corners.

                                          Misery and Sadness Compel against the Pain in One's Heart.

                  The Deepness and Sadness Overwhelms you with a Painful Clutter of Blues and Loneliness.

                                               Show off Sign of Hatred and Painful Despire.

                                           The Color of your Eyes Changes and Boldnes when Tears flow.

                                                 A Painful Experience when you Drown in Sadness.

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