The Author I (possibly) am:

Some people don't actually know I'm an author (unless they looked at my profile). But I've been writing since sixth grade! And coming up with reports and stuff for teachers and being taught English and mild literature (i don't really care for) got me to where I'm at now. Most of the stories I came up with are too short to really read and relax to, while others are have too much explanations and get really boring.  Of course that's going into eigtht grade on them. But some are funny as heck and you can't get off the page for a solid HOUR! But ever since I got into ninth grade last year I put my mind to the test: coming up with the longest story with small text that fills up the pages. I bet you can take an easy guess (for those who've read my profile): Zombie Apocalapse: Dangerous Journey as it consists of 226 pages with a small font size of 14 as the text font is Old English Text. It became my biggest hit until I came up with "Rimersburg: Book One" in March. But for those who might not heard of Rimersburg it's an area in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. So please don't think I came up with a random place because it's real and I've been there multiple times. And also, the school district, Union, is the number one rival of my school district: Redbank Valley. But I'll give you a brief summary: it's about a girl in eleventh grade that originally goes to Redbank Valley, but ends up going to, Union, a school district in Rimersburg and one of Redbank's top enemy (who knows why), due to a failure in grades that reside in the high proficient range. When she arrives she's teased and barked at. But then she runs into her friend of the past (but I'm not giving out his name due to being an actual human, my friend, and none of you might not even know who he is) after they haven't seen each other in nearly FIVE years. Surprisingly, he acts like his friends for awhile until he realizes his past friend's feelings are hurt and he's the top friend of hers there until they get back to being boyfriend and girlfriend status (after leaving off from 2012). But no matter what they do together: play sports, hang out with others and become the "Silverados" (there's another word but I'm not going to use it) of Union, time is flying and she and her boyfriend have no idea if she'll return to Union as a Knight (Union's mascot) or go back to being a Bulldog (Redbank's mascot). Friends and her boss are having the same feelings, too. In Book 2: Part 1 she returns as a twelf grader and does what other twelf grade girls do: go to dances, hang out, and mess around with the boyfriend. Part 2: same thing. But it takes place during the winter time, has secret romances, heartpounding moments, and ends with an epilog: Vacationing in Nashville, Tennessee (if you want to call it that). But I keep myself busy reading what I've written and fix anything.

I've noticed others noticed how long my fanon title it has (maybe) the longest title. But the other parts of it are just to support it. And yes like I've mentioned before: the character is really a sim version of me (like any other game that are played that has characters you can name). I'm having a difficulty. But other than that there's other stories that are long like that. If you agree in any way please comment.