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Bullets are Flying everywhere as the Blood Flies.

Heartpounding scenes and negative energy, the Soldier is Frightened. 

He runs with his buddies, Armed to the Core.

A.K 47 is ready while bombs strapped tightly to waist.

He's ready and he knows it.

He runs inside the Terrorist-infested building, Pounding Bullets into the nearby Terrorists as they wait.

Blood is splattered on him, but he doesn't care.

This is his Country, not theirs.

He runs to the safety of a corner, on knees and Stealthly Watching.

They're Near and he Feels their Presence.

He grabs a Grenade and sets it, Throwing it into the room-filled Terrorists.

The Bomb goes off, exploding and Destroying everything in its path.

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The Cries of the Evil Rage, soon dying out.

Those men are Destroyed as he Bravely exits the building, watching his team Pound Bullets into it.

Tanks of the Good are Prowling the area, Protecting all Good Soldiers.

Smoke and Dust combine, coughing preparation. The appearing of Zombie-land Destruction occurs.

Bodies lay about as he runs behind the Tank, taking cover from Machine Guns. 

The Tanks Fires at the building, taking out the Terrorists.

It is now Safe; the Good Men run in.

He joins them and Scans the surroundings, aiming his Ak. 47. Seeing a Terrorist, he Fires and Plunders the man's life, Killing him in seconds. Soo enough, another Tanks Fires and the building is Cleared.