Simmin' Around

In order to give myself some peace of mind, and self healing, I sometimes create sims in the sims3 that are meant to look exactly like the individual I am designing them after. I do this because, I cannot interact with the person in life, and I interact with them via my sims game. I know it sounds crazy, but it is very theraputic to me.

If I have had a fallout with this person in the past in real life, I will create their character so they can interract with mine, and we can become friends again. Or, if I really want to remain enemies with that person, I create them, and we have conflicts with eachother.

I told myself what is the point of playing Sims, if there is going to be no characters which whom you can identify with and relate with in real life? That's why I create these people. It is healing for me. I will sometimes even create celebrities whom I wish to meet, and have them interact with my character. It's all how you look at it really. You can look at what I am doing, in either a positive or negative way. It's up to you.