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New parameters for Simbio1, Simbio2, and Simbio3

A morris October 10, 2009 User blog:A morris

New parameters for Simbio1, Simbio2, and Simbio3

The parameters recently added to {{Sim1}}, {{Sim2}} and {{Sim3}} have now been added to {{Simbio1}}, {{Simbio2}} and {{Simbio3}}

The new parameters are:

  1. cod (cause of death), maritalstatus, household and roommates have been added to all templates.
  2. economicstatus, music, food & color have been added to {{Simbio3}}.
  3. pets has been added to {{Simbio1}} and {{Simbio2}} under the "Household" heading.

See the template documentation on how to use these new parameters.

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