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The Sim template continues to develop

A morris September 28, 2009 User blog:A morris
  1. The heading "Spouse" has been changed to "Romances" so other relationships can be added. This means it is important to include the {{Spouse}} template to indicate the type of relationship. If the Sims are married, simply surround the linked name within the template: {{Spouse|<name>}}.
  2. More parameters have been added to {{Sim}}:
    1. economicstatus has been added to {{Sim3}}
    2. pets has been added to {{Sim1}} and {{Sim2}} under the "Household" heading
    3. music, food & color have been added to {{Sim3}}
  3. The {{Relative}} template can now be used to indicate types of relationships other than marital thanks to Random Ranaun with images by Mhavril39.

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