Oohhh. My computer gets older and older and older and older. With every release of new TS3 EP i see how my computer starts to handle harder and harder the game. Back at 2009 i said to myself i won't download any EPs at all. In 2010, when i learn that downloading CC are actually working in my game i started to download many. After few week i got bored from the game and i deleted it. :D After few monts of not playing sims i got in summer holiday from school and decided to downlaod it with Ambitions EP. Okay i said to my self i will have only 1 EP. :D But in few time i wanted to try the skip big part of the boring on and off interest to the game ones, sometime after the LN relsease i got all the SPs and EPs that the game has. :D Than i noticed that the starting screen takes 3~5 minutes to load my game. and i was like "UUghhghg! I'll get rid of this game!" and i removed it...again. :D So after that something new got released "The Sims Medieval". I was like "Umm i'll try it.". 1st impression was very good, 'cause the starting screen loaded up for under 1 minute. I was sooo happy. :D Then the 1st problem appeared, actually was after the loading screen. :D There was warning sign that i couldn't remove from my screen saying that my video card i weak or something and i couldn't play, but after the 2nd launch of the game the sign dissapeared by itself and i started tooo....well not to play the game, to figure out HOW to start to play it. :D This is a boring story (SHOCKING!) :D So after 1 month of play medieval i got bored from it also and descided to get back to TS3. When Pets came out i installed TS3+A+LN+G+P and my computer was very slow, so that's why before 1-2 days when i saw the new EP for ts3 i said that this will it be. I don't think it's very good for my computer to fill it up anymore with the game, and my brother also had a problem with this game memory. And now i play Medieval again. I think when i get Christmas vacation on Dec 22th i'll install Pirates. :-)

Sorry if i was boring. :D Long story short i wont get Showtime. I don't have the technology and the memory to install it. :D HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Alex9400 | TALK with me. I ♥ ♦³ :-) 22:07, December 16, 2011 (UTC)

PS: Sorry if there are spelling mistakes. :D