Hello, Simmers! First of all, I just wanted to introduce myself before I get to my point! My name is AlphaDogMJP and I'm just an average Simmer! :)

Now, let's get to the point...

I have had this problem with my other saves, but I've always just ignored them. The thing is: my teenage sim gets grounded, they'll usually beg Mommy or Daddy to 'let them off the hook', Mommy or Daddy will say "Ah, itzu!" in a happy voice, then the said teen will be able to walk off, no guilt on their hands. The problem is, they aren't walking. They're still sneaking from that time when they were caught out after their curfew, snagging a kiss from Hannah Smyth down the street.

Yep, as you guessed it, my teenage sims have a curse where, after being caught sneaking out, they are always tiptoing around. Mandy being caught with a teenage Jupiter Belle? Forty sim days later, she's married to an NPC firefighter and still creeping about, even after her parents died ten days before. Is this some sort of way I can get rid of this?

I don't like when Mandy is walking like this...except Mandy isn't really named Mandy. Her name is Greg Stratos who, yes, began dating Hannah as soon as he moved into town with his dad. Greg went out with Hannah to dinner at the local restaurant, then his curfew past and the police took him to Daddy who grounded him for two days. Two days past, his grounding-ism gone, but he's still sneaking.

Any assistance, please? :)