Hi, I recently installed pets and world adventure. My game has a glitch where when I'm looking at the city map, every where that isn't a lot plus buildings appears black. That is not the biggest issue. When I start a new game, the game acts like I haven't played before and always starts me off in the tutorial mode, and will not allow me to play house holds that are already moved into a house. I'm using a toshiba laptop with windows 8. I have no mods or custom content and I bought nothing from the store. My girlfriend uses a Mac and reported having the same problems when she first played but the second time she did not have these problems. She did say that when she played in a wifi zone, her laptop downloaded a lot of thumbnails. I am using the same discs that she used. I am thinking that the game updated itself when she played in the wifi zone. when I installed the expansion packs the game tried to update itself, but i wasnt connected to the internet. What do I do to fix this? Should I re-install the expansions (I'm worried about the limit of times that I can install the game, because that would be number three? Should I play in a wifi zone so the game will update itself?