Hey guys... I think that you probably have your favorite Sim(s). Well, I want from you to live me a comment who's your cutest or most handsome sim and explain why in few sentences.

I think that most cutest sim ever is Natasha Una from Desiderata Valley. She looks a like Gypsy, but with her long orange hair she is just perfect. Acctually, I like most of redheaded Sims. Here is my top 10 cute Sims:

1. Natasha Una

2. Dina Caliente (yes she is a blond, but is definitley prettier than her sis)

3. Lilith Pleasant (because I think she is brave and fight for herself)

4. Silver Racket (if makeover her in more casual edition with red hair)

5. Catherine Viejo (I know... but if you age her down, she is way pretty)

6. Cassandra Goth (I found her more feminine than Bella)

7. Genesis Lam (maid from Strangetown, bdw I meried her to Johny Smith and two of their children have black and red hair???)

8. Emma Hatch (with diet, please)

9. Circe Beaker (if her hair is longer and divorce her from her ugly-genetic-freak of husband)

10. Cherry Kanto (from Riverview, but with good makeover)

The most hansome guy from Sims ever is.... Cyd Roseland. I think he is cute, and with dog is even better. I prefear him to have as more as posible children because I like hios genetics. Again, I prefer redheaded boys.

1. Cyd Roseland

2. Malcolm Landgraab IV (because he is RICH, but handsome as well)

3. Sinbad Rotter (who will ever resist such bad, bad boy)

4. Mortimer Goth (TS2, he is cute old man)

5. Daniel Pleasant (he is redheaded, it tells everything)

6. Ho Sung Kim (Chinese with big muscles....)

7. Boyd Wainwright (damn, why is he merried)

8. Robert Kim (like him, but not his wife, I thins she is kinda opportunist b****)

9. Jared Frio (but he made "ugly-pig Clairy-freak" pregnant, and child is as ugly as her mum)

10. Aiden Jones (I think he is prettier than his wife, but they children looks cute at the end)