So, after a long time of research, I found out what the best job in TS3 was. I am completely certain that this is the most profitable in-game job. The awnser is: The Hacker's one! Make an evil computer genius sim and make them hack every night. Note: beign a vampire certainly helps. After just 5 weeks, I finished my lifetime wish that was the one about having 50,000§. My sim made at least 4,500§ per night, thus had a time machine and travels in time during daytime really helped, because he came back with at least 1,350§, which is enough to keep a child. Now my house is full of luxury items. You have to try it. Second note: It seems like the most profitable job is the Hacker's one in The Sims 1, because there is a chance card that let's you win 30,000§!