• AnnaTheGiant

    Cassandra sat atop her home's roof, gazing at the night sky. It had been years since she ventured up there, it was her favorite place to think. She heard foot steps and the old wooden steps creaking. Her father, Mortimer appeared, and gave her a small smile.

    "I thought I might find you up here," he said, and gingerly sat down next to her. All the years of searching, wondering, and hoping for Bella had aged Mortimer.

    After a few moments of silence, he asked, "What are you doing up here?"

    "Just thinking," Cassandra replied.

    "About?" He prodded.


    Mortimer sighed at the mention of his name, "What is it now?"

    "He didn't do anything, Dad. I just don't know..." Cassandra faltered.

    "Don't know what?" Mortimer asked.

    "...I don't know if marrying Don i…

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