• Ariel Baron
    I guess some of you heard about my upcoming fan-made stuff pack, "Demi Lovato's Staying Strong Collection".

    The stuff pack is still under devolovment. the stuff pack will introduces a lot of Demi-styled items and clothing. It's the first pack for me, so I'm very excited!

    The pack is 60% done :) There is an "arrival" trailer, and the full trailer will be here this week or later. There is problem with my Sims 3 game, so screenshots won't be here for a while. There is some screenshots in the pack's page.

    About me:

    My name is Bella (It's Ariel because I logged in from my brother facebook). I'm 17 years old, from Israel. I love Demi for about 2 years, I just love everything about her. I really love the Sims, I started to play with The Sims 2, and n…

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