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Week of April 26th, 2015

Another Sunday means another weekly news blog!

The Sims News

  • Rapper Iggy Azalea showcased a new Simself similar to the one she released in December 2014. Images can be seen here

The Sims Wiki News

Some forums haven't been touched in a while, and are in desperate need of attention.

Same as always, the whole list of discussions is here. And, much like always, anyone is welcome to participate, whether it be participating in a discussion or raising a new topic.

Monthly Question

A new month means a new monthly question! This month's question is If you were to choose between The Sims 2 or The Sims 3, what would you choose and why?. Leave your thoughts here and join in the discussion.

Promoting rights on the wiki!

As always, we are always looking for new rollbackers, administrators, chat moderators... anything, here on The Sims Wiki. If you feel like you are ready to help the wiki just a little more, then why not nominate yourself for special rights. All positions are available here - you could reach the requirements!

Want to help?

As always, TSW is run by contributors just like yourself and help is always appreciated. Go here if you're interested in writing an issue of this news blog, or here for more information on the various positions we offer to experienced users who wish to contribute more.

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Let's start this week off right! Ѧüя◎ґ (talk)


What is your experience with The Sims 4 so far?

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