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TSW really helped my life

Hey simmers! I'm posting this because I want to say that TSW has REALLY helped my life.

April (the month I joined TSW) was an extremely hectic month for me, my family and I went travelling around NZ and Australia. I was feeling over-stressed by it all. I had been a user of Wikia for a few months (I think) and I remembered that I like The Sims series a lot, and wondered if there was a Sims Wiki. And there was! I joined and got about 200 edits and thought "I think this will be my favourite wiki!". At about 600 edits, in June, I applied for rollback and it was approved. I then applied for adminship at about that time which I now realize that was a HUGE mistake. I have a tendency to apply for adminship a lot. About 2 weeks ago, I got adminship. Anyway, after receiving rollback, I realized that I have a full commitment to TSW.

I've made some friends here like Nikel23 and Woganhemlock, and they've been really sweet to me, and I've learnt a lot since I was here.

The point I'm trying to make here is that TSW has shown my writing skills (I'm Featured Author) which has inspired me to write real-life books more, which I have. I've also learnt a lot about coding and stuff, which has made me a total computer geek. Also, I've learnt a lot about making internet friends and, embarrassingly, my friends on TSW are probably my best friends!

My writing has extremely improved since I joined TSW and made fanons, and I'm now very good at it and I've written some books.

I'd like to thank TSW for completely changing my life.

Sincerely, BakeryChaz ~ (let's have a chat!) 11:03, August 12, 2012 (UTC).

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