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Hi! So this is a Trivia Quiz for The Sims 2. It has questions which you have to answer. If you know the answers, post the answers in comments. The questions are reasonably average but users who know a lot aout The Sims series will probably do better. I will give the person who answers the most correctly some sort of gift. I'll have to come up with one soon. Good luck!


  1. True or False: Don Lothario's home is 150 Main Street.
  2. How old were Betty and Bob Newbie when Skip Broke was a child?
  3. As many users know, the Roth family is a parody of the Goth family. What is the name Cassandra's parody?
  4. True or False: the Capp home is named Capp Estate.
  5. What is Darren Dreamer's main hobby?
  6. The Grunt family has an ancestor named Mary. Her last name was the name of a fruit, which fruit was it?
  7. Brandi Broke's unborn child will always be one gender. Which gender?
  8. In The Sims 3, if you are pregnant, and if you eat 3 or more of specific fruit, the fruits will control the gender of your baby. Which fruits control which gender?
  9. What is the name of Agnes Crumplebottom's late husband?

Thanks for playing!