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The Sims 3: Late Night Trivia Quiz

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Pidgeoraptor7 has won! Congrats! You may still answer but do not look at the earlier comments.
Hello! This is a Trivia Quiz for The Sims 3: Late Night, an expansion pack. The person who answers the most correctly wins a userbox, which he/she may remove or move if they wish. Good luck to everyone!

1. What is Wogan Hemlock's sister's name?

  • A. Brigit
  • B. Amy
  • C. Eclipse
  • D. Ann

2. How old is Morrigan Hemlock?

3. What is Erika Talon's lifetime wish?

4. What is Matthew Hamming's career level?

  • A. Supporting Actor
  • B. Distinguished Director
  • C. Lead Actor
  • D. Assistant Director

5. What career is Jessica Talon employed in?

6. What is Caroline Custard's favourite colour?

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