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Woganhemlock has won! Congrats! You may still answer but do not read the earlier comments.

Hello! This is a Trivia Quiz for The Sims 3: Pets, an expansion pack. The person who answers the most correctly wins a userbox, which he/she may remove or move if they wish. Good luck to everyone!

1. Who is the father of Imogen Pelly's unborn baby?

2. Which parent is Ethan Parrott closer to?

3. Which of these sims is a sim living in Appaloosa Plains?

  • A. Robbie Roberts
  • B. Richard Richardson
  • C. Johnny Johnson
  • D. Donald Donalds

4. True or false: Imogen Pelly has a cat.

5. Fill in the blanks: ------ ------- is a pregnant sim who has a rocky marriage.

6. True or false: there is a Langerak family member living in Appaloosa Plains.