Hi, howdy, sup, ciao, Alloo (Simlish for hello), guten tag or however you guys like to say hi! ;)

To cut the story short and to stop me from going on and on and on, I decided to change my username! I was happy with my username before, but I've began to contribute to other wikis and to be honest, I'm fed up of explaining to folk on other wikis what my username means...

Anyway, my new username is now Beds - and the idea came to me through a couple of ways. First, through how I enjoy saying the words 'Bed' or 'Beds' in a random way and also, I have been told that I have an obsession with beds... which is so true that I am not even going to bother going into to. And secondly, through a nice chat with this nice chap who suggested a couple of awesome names.

Kaye, I've dragged on enough. You can get back to whatever it is you were doing... :)

Dag dag! (Simlish for Bye bye..., one of you guys were bound to get that.)

Beds (parlare - blog) 13:04, May 20, 2013 (UTC)