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Week of March 22nd, 2015

Welcome to The Sims Wiki News -- here's what has been happening in the world of Sims and on our wiki!

The Sims News

  • SimsVIP are currently holding a competition, which gives 5 lucky people the chance to win a copy of The Sims 4; Get to Work. See more information here.
  • A new promotional video was released by EA, which gives us a more detailed look into the Still Life retail feature. The video is view-able here.
  • A cop and llama trailer was released earlier this week, re-introducing players to the wonderful llama, a popular animal in the franchise. See the trailer for yourself.
  • Aliens were confirmed for The Sims 4 -- read SimsVIP blog for more information.

The Sims Wiki News

Community discussions

Community discussions are a major part of The Sims Wiki as it allows everyone to have a fair say in the day-to-day basis of the wiki. We have quite a lot of discussions that need more comments before a conclusion can be drawn; visit Community discussions for a full list of active forums.

Want to be a team member?

Have you reverted a lot of vandalism recently? Have you been active on chat a lot? Are you on IRC a lot? Do you want to take the next step up, after being a rollback for a while? Do you feel you are a trusted member of the community and want to move on up? Then walk on over to nominations pages and nominate yourself for a position. Just as long as you meet the appropriate requirements, you are more than welcome to nominate yourself!

Monthly Question

This month's question is "What do you think about the social media integration in the game, such as The Sims 3:Showtime & The Sims 4? Should the feature be improved or scrapped entirely? Why?" Head on over to Woganhemlock's blog to voice your opinion.

Have a good weekend! ~ Beds (talk - blog) 19:43, March 22, 2015 (UTC)

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