• Best babysitter17

    Well every Sim player probably knows the premade family the Brokes right? Well I have been playing them for a while now and as you can see below, they have grown alot.

    Brandi got married to Skip and had Dustin who got married to Angela Pleasent and had 2 kids Zoey and Chase. They have a Beagle named Lilly. Then Brandi and Skip had Beau who got married to Ava and had twin boys Eddie and Sam, and a dog named Buster. Some people know that when Skip died, Brandi was pregnant with their third child. I named him Blake. He got married to Julie and had Morgan, Katelyn and Gavin. They have a dog named Annie. Then Brandi got married to her second husband Brandon. Then they got a Golden Retreiver puppy Sunny. They had their first child together Bailey…

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