Well every Sim player probably knows the premade family the Brokes right? Well I have been playing them for a while now and as you can see below, they have grown alot.

Brandi got married to Skip and had Dustin who got married to Angela Pleasent and had 2 kids Zoey and Chase. They have a Beagle named Lilly. Then Brandi and Skip had Beau who got married to Ava and had twin boys Eddie and Sam, and a dog named Buster. Some people know that when Skip died, Brandi was pregnant with their third child. I named him Blake. He got married to Julie and had Morgan, Katelyn and Gavin. They have a dog named Annie. Then Brandi got married to her second husband Brandon. Then they got a Golden Retreiver puppy Sunny. They had their first child together Bailey who married Luke and had Jake, Lauren, Conner, Elli, and Sophie. They have a Chihuahua named Holly. Then Brandi and Brandon had Brent who married Jillian and had quadruplets, Keegan, Ryan, Noah, and Allison. They have Max and Mia who had puppies, Marley, Mason, Maybell, and Matt. Then Brandi and Brandon decided to take a break from having kids and adopt. They adopted a little boy Ben. Ben got married to Kerri and had a little boy named Aiden. They also have a Samoyed named Snowball. Then Brandi and Brandon had twin girls Brooke and Bridget. Brooke got married to David, got a dog named Bubbles, and had 4 beautiful little girls, Addison, Kassidy, Molly, and Gracie. Bridget and Edward had a dog named Sparkles and had the exact opposite as her twin sister Brooke. 4 boys, twins Aaron and Josh, Andrew, and Jack. Then Brandi and Brandon had another set of twins, Becca and Bryce. Becca got married to Micheal, got a cat Kali, and 2 dogs Austin and William, and had 6 kids...Madison, Shawn, Tiffany, Claire, Johnny, and Kylie. Bryce got married to Kate, got a dog named Cammie, and had 3 kids. Hailey is the oldest, then the twins; Zack and Ella. Then Brandi and Brandon got a sweet little girl named Bethany. She got married to Mark and got a cat named Charlie. Then she had 4 kids named Ethan, Collin, Jaimie, and Trevor. Brandi and Brandon were suprised with Brayden and Bella, another set of twins. Brayden got married to Amy, got a dog named Owen, and had 3 little girls; Nicole, Sydney, and Kailee. Bella got married to Derek, got a Beagle named Daisy, and had 4 children; Patryk (also spelled Patrick), Kaiden, Karlie, and Leah. Now Brandi and Brandon have another little girl named Brenna who is married to Daniel and have 5 kids; Samantha, Tyler, Danielle, Liam, and Kyle. Now Brandi and Brandon were suprised with a little girl named Brittany. She got married to Jason and had 6 kids; Anthony, Jenna, Paige, Logan, Erica, and Dominick. Brandi and Brandon now have 3 girls in a row and now wished for a little boy. Their wish came true! They got a little boy named Brett. Brett got married to Melissa and had 4 kids; Rachel, Madelyn, Joel, and Emma along with a dog named Buddy. Brandi's dog Sunny has sadly died of old age. After a few days, they miss having a dog in the house and it doesn't seem right without one. So they got Sadie! Sadie is a little while long haired chihuahua. A little while after Brett was born, Brandi and Brandon were overjoyed to welcome twin boys to the family! Brian married Kristen and had Abbie and Drake. They also had a dog named Lacey. Brady got married to Jenny and had Ian and Taylor and a dog named Cody. The twins have grown into toddlers and Brandi wanted to try for another. Another = Brennan! Brennan gets married to Michelle and have 3 amazing daughters named Sadie, Kinsley, and Charlotte. After Brennan they were expecting twins! They welcomed twin baby girls into their large family named Beth and Brynn! Beth got married to Peter and had Tristan, Porter, and Klaudia. Brynn married Matthew and had 5 beautiful girls. They are: twins named Reagan and Kennedy, another set of twins named Carter and Carson, and Fiona. Then Brandi and Brandon had Brinlee. Brinlee got married to Jonothan and had Evan, Grant, McKenzie, and Peyton. Then Brandi and Brandon had twins named Brad and Brianna. Brad got married to Emily and had a daughter named Amber. They have a dog named Rosie. Brianna got married to Eric and had two boys named Parker and Nolan. They have three dogs named Pixie, Penny, and Polly.

Brandi now has 24 kids and 68 grandkids! Note: that can change very soon!

I have a list of "B" names for Brandi and Brandon's future children. They are: Billy, Brad, Balin, Bradford, Bobby, Brody, Baila, Bonnie, Bryson, Bentley, Braxton, Bennett, Blaine, Belden, Britton, Bristol, Branson, Beck, Bruce, Brielle(a), and Bolton. If you can think of any other cute names that start with B, it would be greatly appreciated.

Told ya they have grown a lot. LOL! Plz comment on what you think and since I am going to keep playing them and she should be expecting more soon, I need some creative and cute names for future Broke family members! Thanks!