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Nina Caliente had gone to Don Lothario's for some fun but just fun and nothing else.

But soon Don's horny powers rose over Nina.

And one thing lead to another..... sex.

And then Nina found herself pregnant and distressed.

"Oh Shit how could this be, Don will be sooo pissed with me but what would i do, i cant raise a child. Im to wild, to careless and to unfit to be a mother"

8 months later a baby boy arrived. As Nina strared into her sons emerald eyes she couldent help but feel a tinge of attachment to the small boy but she pushed it away and went to pack her things.

Drabble 1 p8

Nina had diecided to leave the chaos that she now called life and to move away somewhere far away from pleasantview to escape don and her old memories. But first she had do something else something much more important.

Drabble 1 p9

Meanwhile at the Oldie household.

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Herb and Coral were expressing their love for each other on that clear warm night.

Drabble 1 p11

....When The doorbell rang.

Drabble 1 p12

Coral answered the door and saw a cab drive off with a red-headed women in the passenger seat. She pondered that for a moment. "coo" something called out softly and wrapped up in a tight blanket there at her feet was a cooing baby, curious about the new faces and new objects around him.

Drabble 1 p13

"Hey Herb look at this" She called walking back inside, the mysterious red-headed women now lost in the back of her mind in a tangle of other lost thoughts.

WordCount: bout 300

Image Count: 13

Written by: Billy Thomas (billyt97)

made in: 4th/dec/11