Similar to the January Events, there will be April Events and events for each month following.

  • March 26th - April 30th: The Sims Wiki Joke Time!: Make sure to submit your jokes, they could be featured in the newsletter!
  • 1st - 29th: Fanon Logo Contest: Submit a logo if interested!
  • 5th: Super Secret Surprise! x2: This time an even bigger surprise will be announced on The Sims 3's official Facebook page, and be sure to check there or here on the wiki for what it is!
  • 15th: Participate in a User Created Contest: Have some fun taking part in a contest made by a fellow Simmer, or make your own!
  • 17th: April Newsletter: Read the new issue of the newsletter!
  • 23rd: IRC Day: Come give the IRC channel a visit and chat with your fellow users!
  • 30th: Caption Contest: To celebrate the (almost) beginning of May, start submitting images for The Sims Wiki's 2nd Caption Contest! Image submissions will be taken until some day in May and voting will start afterwards.

Have fun!

--Bleeh(talk) (blog)