Hey everyone,

Within the years I've been here, I have seen many editors come and go. With a heavy heart and much thought, I have decided to retire from TSW.

This wiki provided me with a wealth of knowledge as an anonymous user, and interested me enough to finally create an account. Through the massive amount of information on the games in The Sims series, I learned a lot about the games I loved while creating wiki-friendships with many users. Though the information interested me, the community has always been what I've loved the most about The Sims Wiki. From Featured Article, to discussions, and to IRC channel, this wiki's community is very interactive and entertaining. The friendships and memories I made with users here made the wiki even more fun, but have also made my decision to retire more difficult.

After a while on the wiki, I began to lose interest in The Sims series. Despite believing that my interest that inspired me to join this wiki would come back, it never did. As such, I've been semi-absent from the wiki for a long time. I don't believe it's fair for me to be a semi-absent bureaucrat on a wiki about a topic that I'm not interested in, and as such, I began considering the decision to retire. Finally, as I'm sure that I will not regain much, if any, interest in The Sims, I feel confident that this is the right decision.

tl;dr: However, this is not so much of a goodbye, but rather a 'see you later.' I'm still going to go on the IRC channel from time to time to catch up with the great people I've met over my near-four years of being here.

This wiki's success is due to the tremendous effort put in by all of you. I'd like to congratulate you all for making such a valuable source of information for such a spectacular series of games.

Good luck, and farewell.

--Bleeh(talk!) (edits) 21:55, September 23, 2013 (UTC)