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2010 Review

BobNewbie December 25, 2010 User blog:BobNewbie

Hey guy's and gals! How are you all doing! Here's a review of the year:

  • We decided against merging with the fanon wiki
  • We reopened the discussion to merge
  • We started "featured editor"
  • Emoticons and voting templates
  • New logo!
  • We covered 3 expansion packs, and 2.5 stuff packs.
  • Started covering the unreleased The Sims Medieval
  • Got achievements
  • Lost achievements
  • Battles started
  • Users left
  • Users joined
  • Better "Request for ..." system, where there are pages for each right
  • Top 10 Lists were created
  • New awards
  • ....

Something not on the list? Add it or voice your opinion below!

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