I'm sure many of you have heard about the contest of wikis of 2010. I entered, because I truly believe this wiki should win. What do you guys and galls think of my nomination?

The Sims Wiki grew to a wopping 6000 articles (Currently 6553). We proved that, while not the biggest wiki out there, we are completely up to speed. We discussed great changes, from merging with the Fanon wiki to building the community. We continued to welcome new users with open arms and offer any help to them when they needed it. We also started brand new exiting and fun things, like Battles and Featured Editors. We also covered all of the newest expansion and stuff packs in every possible way, and maintained our position as the biggest database for the series. The bonds in the community grew into solid friendships, and this helped us smile every time we hit the edit button. At the same time, we built the air of professionalism, without taking ourselves to seriously. The change to Oasis did cause some problems, but we easily dealt with them and, in the end, improved our templates and categorization. Sadly, some users left, but we are fortunate enough to have new users who enjoy editing there, and we enjoy working alongside them. Finally, I believe I am speaking for the entire wiki, we are proud of contributing to the wiki, and we hope to continue working hard next year.