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Goals: 2011

BobNewbie January 4, 2011 User blog:BobNewbie

Ok, I have decided to make a list of things (they call it goals and aspirations , I call it a list) that I want to do this year. Why a list? Because it is scientifically proven that 86.7% of users like lists. Also scientifically proven is that 99.9% of statistics are fake.

  • BURN SIMS! Moodlet fire flame
  • Organize The Sims Wiki Mascot contest.
  • Grow our Facebook page to about 320 fans (currently at 201). ( I have been made an admin. I want to grow it with contests, discussions and random pictures :P)
  • CAPTION CONTEST! Moodlet no frame newspaper
  • All new "New Pages" template
  • 3000 good quality edits
  • A "adopt a n00b" feature. This is a feature on many wikis, and its fun!
  • Events every month
  • New signature
  • Take over Facebook and create SimsBook!!! HAHAHA!!!
  • A successful newsletter every month
  • (If we decide to allow Fanon) Help out with the Fanon policies
  • Make many new emoticons
  • Help YOU

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