Hello there, Simmers and Wikians alike! Some pretty awesome things are coming in the near future to enhance our editing and social bonds on Wikia.

New User Profiles Yup, you've heard it. Our profiles are getting massive makeover (especially the top). A new section will be added to the top of the page to help users share information about themselves. Simple and nice, the section allows you to display things such as your other name or title, occupation, birthday, Facebook and Twitter account links, and favorite wikis.

It's amazingly easy to edit, plus quick and not very tiring (plus, whatever information you add will be shown on all your profiles across Wikia). Finally, your avatar will be enlarged slightly, and a few other things are to be fixed and improved.

For more information, images, and questions, check here.

Admin Dashboard At the moment, everything admins use to navigate through managing the site is in various nooks and hidden boxes, and it can be a hassle to do even the smallest of tasks in terms of navigation. Never fear administrators; the admin dashboard will be a savior. Basically it's a central dashboard, with quick links to a wide variety of pages admins use to manage the wiki.

Another addition, included in the dashboard, is a 'Wiki Progress Bar', which can be used to guide admins as to what they can do next.

The dashboard is to be released in the first week of August for The Sims Wiki. For more information, images, and questions, check here.

Happy editing and Simming!

--BobNewbie ∞(Talk)∞ 16:47, July 28, 2011 (UTC)